webcam pole dance But I immediately have two epigraphs that require explanation.
The most important thing in the first quatrain is that without arms, without legs: No, it does not open the gate! Not guessed.
The bird will not be able to SIT, that’s what matters most.
And the priest, as part of the body, is something without which it would be difficult to sit.

And the man would also die of boredom.
He cannot crawl, walk, jump, run, swim, ride, fly all his life.
In addition, when we drive (in a car, on a train, bus, tram, trolleybus, subway), we often sit there.
When we fly (in the plane), we even sit there.
In fact, you can sit down for a long time.
For example, about fifteen years.
Well, let’s not talk about sad things.
The second epigraph reminds that even the beauty of a woman can be compared with the booty.
Connoisseurs recognize that this place in Jennifer Lopez especially succeeded.
I do not protest, but I can not agree.

In order to truly appreciate the beauty of pop, they must be considered, both from afar and close, to check them by touch, that is, their elasticity, firmness, sonority.
I mean, if you slap on the ass, then the sound should be ringing.
And if the owner of the priests has gastrointestinal problems, then she (this priest) can sound without a slap.
But this is unaesthetic! Let’s not even talk about such an embarrassment.
To begin with, I suppose, several definitions are required, which I will immediately comment on (denoted below as (A.
I decided to take the definitions from Wikipedia (denoted below as (V.
So, the priest is the common name of the buttocks (V.
Accordingly, the ass is an even more common name for the same body part (A.
Well, let’s talk about the ass later. indian secret camera sex
I? goti? These are large paired groups of muscles belonging to the external group of muscles of the pelvis, located in the buttock and lateral surfaces of the pelvis.
) The fact that groups are large and doubles is understandable.

And the outdoor group is also understandable.
The rest is somehow not very: Lateral surface, where is it? (BUT.
) Read on.
Body element (pop – A.
), allocated not so much by anatomical, as by semantic-psychological criteria.
Therefore, its description is absent in textbooks and anatomy atlases.
Formed by the motor structures of the belt of the lower extremities.
Performs the most important function of maintaining a straightened body position and movement.
It also includes the perianal zone hidden in a deep interglacial fold (B.
I think that the perianal zone plays a large role in the erogenous perception of the priests, as it is precisely hidden in a deep inter-collar fold.
That is, you want to get to it, to this zone, by hand, for example, or something else: (A.
The buttocks are bounded above by the area of ??the lumbar rhombus (Michaelis) and the wing of the Ilium, below by the subhypotic fold and crotch, and on the side by the area of ??the greater trochanter of the thigh.

By the way, I noticed that if the pants are sitting low on a girl, then the lumbar diamond magically attracts the eye of the contemplator.
And the appearance of the naked subplaagial fold and, in particular, the perineum, not only attracts, but even excites (A.
Well, they still need to manage to see these naked places.
In the sphere of the human psyche (pop – A.
) has a special semantic coloring, since it serves as a sign of individuality, sexuality, territorial aggression and marking, submission, play and humor (V.
It is indisputable.
Each butt is individual, some of the pop are sexy.
Territorial aggression of priests most often refers to the animal world, that is, to the smaller brothers.
However, to the area of ??territorial aggression of priests among people, I would attribute scrubbing from the rail in transport, or occupying as much space as possible on the bench.
Marking of priests takes place in animals, however, people often use expressions that say that they are not indifferent to marking, in particular, to color.

The expression “this black man” indicates the above.
A sign of submission, play and humor in people, I think, can be in erotica and sex.
However, the sign of obedience to the priest may be in the relationship “boss – subordinate”.
Hence the definition of “asshole” (A.
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