webcam show xhamster My soul trembled and everything turned out as I wanted even better, really from tomorrow I will be a nipple for soldiers who are hungry for sex, I already wanted to serve them as much as possible to suck various members to taste their sperm to feel their temperament.
With these thoughts, I almost flew into a hole, the member stood as if and when stopping at the landing I took out my dick to jerk off and after several movements on the dick I lowered that amount of sperm into my palm as usual, that she didn’t fit into her and sent in your mouth.
Reaching home went to bed in anticipation of tomorrow.
The next day, I told my friends not to look for me that I would leave for the whole day, and already at three o’clock an hour before the appointed time, I sat at the checkpoint on a concrete block twenty meters from the booth and waited for adventures on my ass in the literal sense.

After about fifteen minutes, the soldier to whom I came for the first time approached me.
– What are you sitting here, smoking?

The soldier asked.
– On, I’m just sitting, waiting, Murat said to wait here – when I lit a cigarette with a soldier, I answered.
– Don’t you want to ask him? – I doubted to tell the truth or not.
“But he said how a boy on a blue bike would come to call him, speak for what, otherwise I may not call him,” he began to blackmail.
– I sucked him – after waiting for a pause and plucking up the courage very quietly, I almost gave myself under my breath and prepared to run away. webcam chat
“Yes,” I replied, no longer fearing the reaction he needed.
Another five minutes passed and the soldier again came up holding his hands in his pockets.
– Listen to the boy I called Murat, he said that he would not be released soon and asked to wait – he informed me, reminding him.
– Well, okay, wait – I said upset.
“You can if you want and if you like it – I got up on my feet – where?” – Let’s go to the booth there you can see if someone goes – he turned around and headed for the checkpoint.
– How will you be more comfortable? – He asked going to the checkpoint.
– As you wish, I will do absolutely anything you want, I will fulfill any desires – hinting at something else besides suction, I answered.
– Do it this way – he pulled out his dick and put a chair on the center and flopped down on him – I will follow the road.

I don’t even know how to describe his penis, the usual not thick blueton was closed, along its length the normal one swallowed it completely without nausea, the usual taste in the bath was not yet, but without disgust.
In general, this soldier was modest to me and I liked it because he did not, but I ruled the ball and naturally applied all the tenderness to the blowjob.
His thighs were shaking from the buzz all the way and not even three minutes passed as he fidgeted in his chair, and my cock twitched in his mouth, throwing out the fragrant sperm that enveloped my whole mouth, I did not have time to enjoy his cock and slowly continued to suck his cock.
Having already some experience, I already knew that for a man who just lowered it’s best not to rub the head, but very slowly and gently stroke the tongue over the bridle and when the spasms pass to start doing other movements, and he himself will tell what he wants when he can speak .

“Thanks, I’m all,” he tried to stop me.
– Do not worry, I just caress more and you pobaldey – swallowing his sperm, I replied, and continued to slowly suck his dick.
“What else did you and Murat do,” he suddenly asked.
– He poured into his mouth and I licked his point – tearing away from his penis without looking into his eyes, I answered and again took into his mouth.
– Is it true, he wondered.
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