webcam squirt vids They talked about the wedding in the morning; Lenya warned that everything will be at the request of his father.
Father and son discussed the future of the young: – I do not mind that you live here with me.
A lot of places, you do not constrain me.
– I thought.

we will have our own apartment.
We once discussed with you.
– Things are not as good as we would like.
In the future – maybe for now – no need.
My business is to offer.
Or are you ready to pay for your life? – Well, we’re learning.
And we were counting on a honeymoon trip.
– Refer to the bride family, maybe they will pay yours.
love? – Uh.
Perhaps they are not.
– I know that they can do a little.
So – while here.
I plan to refuse the services of a housekeeper.
I hope your beauty is not lazy? – Zlata to get out ?! I don’t even know how to tell her about it.
– This is the way and reason to discuss your future life.
Bring her.
I’ll look at the calendar now.

Yes, perhaps Friday night.
– Dad, I have a pool.
Zlata and I wanted to.
– You have time to swim, what are your years.
I do not hold you, swim! It will be useful for her to know what and how much we will spend on the celebration.
I think she has a head on her shoulders.
– Dad, you’re just like mom.
She also insists that Zlata is smarter than me.
– Not so bad.
Wait and see.
Carefully watching the not too clever tongue of a girl licking his swollen penis: – You have a good influence on your son.
He thinks about your future life.
For once, for someone other than yourself! But I like what you think about her.
You get more efficient! Putting his hand on her growing hair, he pressed it to his groin, and she let a thick penis into her mouth.
He slid along his tongue and propped himself on his throat.
She looked at him fearfully, he instructively said: – Be patient! I will only see how deeply you can let him in, and, clasping the fingers on the back of her head, leaned forward with her hips.

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With a short jerk, the dick moved forward and backward in the throat, making her gasp and pour over tears.
Suddenly the penis left the throat, pulsed on the tongue, and her mouth was filled with a viscous liquid.
With an expression of bliss on his face, the man slowly released her head.
Holding her shoulders, she did not allow her to stand up and stared intently at her face, until she guessed and swallowed everything.
Oddly enough, she was not too disgusted.
Unpleasant, uncomfortable, but tolerable.
She herself was surprised that so quickly and easily he mastered her mind and will, inspiring the idea of ??complete submission.
He somehow guessed her aspirations.
“You want to stay here, right?” I was not mistaken? After a moment she nodded.
– While you’re on the right track.
You do not regret anything? We understand each other? After an affirmative answer, he sent her to the shower, and later finally asked about family affluence.

From discussing wedding expenses, Lyonya skillfully wriggled, giving this privilege to her with her father.
At the table of an expensive restaurant, Zlata and her parents waited a long time to
Finally, having arrived, he reservedly greeted his parents, cordially embraced the girl and, having sat her side by side ,.
put in front of future relatives of the estimate.
Gently exchanging glances, the parents looked at the columns of numbers, dividing them in two, which still made a huge amount.
The mother tried to clarify the need for such spending, the father tried to pull it up, Zlata, with her head down, examined K.’s hand
on his knee.
And he sat back imposingly on the couch and slowly sipped his coffee, smugly enjoying the dramatic scene.
By stopping questions, parents assured that they would pay their half of the costs.
Her mother gave a hint about a loan, but her father stopped her in time.

“I want you to understand,” the businessman began impressively.
– The position of our family requires that a certain status be respected.
As for our children, – he smiled condescendingly, he hugged the girl by the shoulders, – and this is now my daughter, then it is customary in our circle to help.
They are still 2 years to learn, who, if not us.
Do not throw them a university! Self-confidently having looked around the fallen future matchmakers, having slightly parted his lips in a smile, he firmly pressed her to himself: – Do not worry about your beauty, she will be arranged in the best way.
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