adult web chat cam Let’s try again? – suddenly Vovka suddenly and resolutely asked.
– Only this time you insert slowly.
Okay? Well, – Sashka meekly answered.
Vovka got up again on all fours, bending his back down, leaned on one elbow with one hand and felt his little rose with his other fingers.

He pressed it with two fingers, checking whether it would hurt – like nothing, pressed harder and put the tips of his fingers into the ass, it turned out without any problems.
It must be all right.
Only dabs with more cream and come on: slowly: – Vovka decisively commanded.
Sashka again fell in behind, thickly smeared Rozova and his member with cream, just as for the first time with his rosette head, he felt her most pliable place and firmly squeezing the trunk with his fist and began to gently increase the pressure.
At first nothing worked, but then the head, overcoming the resistance of the tight sphincter, began to slowly push it.

Sasha snuffled, but made no sound.
Vova, how? – without weakening the pressure Sasha asked restlessly.
Tolerant, you can a little stronger.
Just be careful! – choked Vovka.
Sasha still slightly pressed and the head suddenly began to fall inside.
Finally, the sphincter missed the whole head and, tightly clasping the barrel behind it, began to tighten the skin, which, under the pressure of the fist, which Sasha helped himself, gathered into the roller at the rose of the passage.
Painfully? – Sasha asked again.
In response, Vova, biting her lower lip, only shook her head.
Sasha felt like a tight sphincter ring, weakening resistance, resisted and began to pass the barrel inside.
Then it went easier and Sasha almost easily inserted a member to the end.
In his head Sasha again began to chime.
He felt his cock tightly compress hot and delicate fabric. caught on security cam sex
Sasha gently began to move back and forth.

At first it was hard to move, but with each new tact it is getting easier and easier.
Increasing the pace, Sasha looked at Vovka.
Vovka was difficult to understand.
He groaned as if from pain, but at the same time he did not resist and, on the contrary, arched his back down, giving the body to meet Sasha’s movements.
Having got a little accustomed, Sashka bent forward and felt with his hand the sticking out Vovkin member.
He began to cheat him in time with his movements.
Vovka moaned sweetly, encouraged him all.
Continuing podmahivat towards Sasha, Vovka moved his knees wider so that Sasha could better get to his pisyuna.
The movements became more and more intense.
Both sniff loudly, trying hard not to make too much noise.
Vovka lowered his head and put his mouth on a pillow, and Sasha clenched his lips, but could not overcome the sniff.
Hardly holding himself, Sasha felt that Vova was going to finish.

Vovkino sniffing was heard even through the pillow, he bent his back, made some chaotic jerky movements with his pelvis and began to finish up in a cushion with a heavy pillow.
At this moment, Sasha felt how the elastic ring of the sphincter became strong pulsing jerks to compress his penis in time with the Vowish eruptions.
It broke the last brakes inside him.
He began to move faster on his own and almost simultaneously began to cum straight into Vovka, shook from the convulsions of a bright orgasm.
Vovka, weakened, gave the body forward and sprawled on his stomach, spreading his legs apart.
Sasha, remaining inside Vovka, flopped down with him and stuck to his sweaty back.
Both were wet with sweat, breathless and panting.
Under Vovka a large stain of sperm spread on the sheet.
Fuck! I have never had this before! – whispered Vovk, having recovered his breath and finally came to himself.

Me too.
– Sasha forcedly reprimanded himself.
The guys continued to lie sandwich.
They were just very good.
There was peace in the soul, and there was a complete vacuum in my head, complete PUS-TO-TA! Sasha was the first to move.
He cautiously pulled the already almost fallen member from Vovkina’s priests and fell off toward the side of the sat down on the edge of the bed.
Then Vovka came to life, turned from the abdomen to his back, rubbing the wet traces of sperm with his hand.
Well, we gave! – Vovk said in a loud enthusiastic whisper, continuing to rub the belly.
Yes: – answered Sasha, giggling mischievously and straightened his hair, wetted on his forehead.
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