anal hd webcam She left with a smile, proud of the fact that her bladder was on the verge of an explosion, but still held out and let her earn a good amount.
“Okay, at Eight, then we meet, agreed.
“- Dasha closed the clamshell phone, put it on the table, and went to her locker with clothes.
“Flax, and Flax,” – frozen, she began to examine her many outfits, “Flax, do you hear me?”.

“Yes, I hear,” came the response of the sister from afar.
Dasha, at that time, took a lilac skirt from a hanger, and began to try it on with a deeply thoughtful look.
Then she took another one, and in turn began to apply one or the second to her.
“Artyom called me to take a walk, I don’t know what to wear,” having already decided that she would go in a purple skirt, Dasha said.
– “Artem, is it that little black, tall?” – barely heard the question sisters.
“Yes, he says, he liked me very much, he wants to see me today,” Dasha explained, not looking up from the fitting.
There was the sound of a dump barrel, and after a few seconds Lena left the toilet.
“I didn’t hear what you said?” – She asked while straightening her shorts.
– “I say, wants to see right today.
At eight in the evening agreed.
I don’t know what kind of jacket to wear, so I can wear it to my skirt.

”“ So I put on my clothes, I bought them just the day before, I’ll bring them, ”and the sisters continued to be engaged in their daily activities of the current youth to the sound of the radio. webcam hot japan
They were the most ordinary girls of their time, both beautiful, slim, sociable.
And the age difference was just over a year old.
Dasha was younger, but both did not have a regular boyfriend, because life was just beginning.
They sat in the kitchen, discussed magazines, new stars of show business, boys, drank tea.
Then Dasha changed her clothes and went to make up.
Lena tried to find out something about the new boyfriend, but she thought to herself that she would also like to meet someone, but today nobody invited her, and she herself also did not want to call anyone first.
“Well, everything, I’m ready,” – making the last shaving lipstick, and smacking, looking at herself in the mirror said Dasha.
She put on her shoes, took her purse and left the house.
The days were warm, the long-awaited summer was in its full swing, the city lived its normal life.
She got into a minibus, and at exactly 8 arrived at the appointed place.
Artyom was waiting for her there.
Seeing, he was delighted, and, trying to hide a little nervousness, offered to take a walk.

In general, nothing much happened.
They walked for a while, like hundreds of young couples, as well as just groups of girls and boys.
Then he offered Dasha to sit on a bench in the park, and drink something.
With this good, they sat on a bench in the deserted part of the park, and slowly sipped foamy, and Dasha was a sweet-sweet alcoholic drink.
The conversation was the most ordinary thing, they were talking about what usually young men talk about on dates with boiling hormones, with young girls who are eager to fall in love and be loved.
Time flew by unnoticed, Tema told a funny incident from life, Dasha laughed, then told about a funny teacher at school.
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