beautiful webcam model Suffer the second, but the truth is already difficult.
Then why should I tell the guys.
Well, they understood.
And the question.

But this! This is fucked up.
What about tomorrow? Tomorrow he will again ask me to fuck him ?! No, really.
I come out of this sodom.
Enough! Going back to the bedroom, I threw off my sweater.
Taking another sip, I felt a great swing.
Lifting the remote from the floor and making it quieter, I collapsed with the remote as bed.
As I wrote earlier, I served in one of the parts of the Leningrad Region and my life went on as usual, delighting me with sexual adventures.
But somehow, in the fall, my stomach became very sick and the local military doctors could not determine the sore, so they sent me to the city hospital for examination and treatment.
The hospital was fairly fresh, but the wards did not have their showers and toilets.
The toilets were common but large, the cabins were quite soundproof and very spacious, it was possible to dance around the toilet.

I was placed in the farthest triple ward which was empty, I don’t know for what reason, but there were not very many patients in the hospital.
I lay alone in the ward for two days, and by the night they brought some Tajik after the operation, he got some injuries and burned his hands at the construction site.
His hands were completely bandaged so that he could not take anything in them.
And as I later learned that because of injuries, he had to lie without getting up for two weeks. beautiful webcam model
From the beginning, he lay under the droppers, and then they made them less and he began using nurses to eat from the common table.
But with the toilet he was not very, with the nurses helped the ducks and the ship.
I want to note that when he urinated into the duck, I tried to peep what was between his legs, but I did not see anything like that.
Somehow, on the first day-off, several seriously ill patients were brought and all the forces of the medical staff were thrown at them.

And after dinner, Tahir asked to call someone from the orderlies to give him a duck.
Tahir was beautiful, strong in his body, his skin was dark, which gave him an additional attractiveness, this could be constantly seen due to the lack of any clothes.
Forty years old, beautiful eyes, muscles of the whole body and played, and especially on the legs.
Nipples stood out strongly on the chest from which they were striking, I would say he outwardly was perfect, but my “special” attention did not elude him, and for an unknown reason to me, at that time, he showed his body by revealing a sheet.
So he asked me to call the staff, – Yura, call someone, there is no strength to piss the hunt.
Knowing the features of that day and the work of the staff on weekends, I offered my services not without hope to see what was between his legs, “Let me help me not in the paddle,” I blurted out, “That we men will not help each other.
– Yes, as it is not convenient, you will take my dick in your hands, – with interest and a great desire to piss, he was ready to agree.

“Well, come on, just don’t put him inside the duck,” but for some reason he didn’t turn on his side as if with a nurse.
– Come on, tell me what and how you are more comfortable to do, – going up to his bed and taking in his hand the duck opened the blanket.
“What the hell is a cudgel,” I burst out when I saw his swarthy sausage, with a bluish-bluish hat of a dumbhead on the one hand, lying peacefully on his thigh, and on the other hand leaving into a bunch of curly resinous hair and dissolved in a huge scrotum with similarly large eggs hanging between the legs.
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