big booty solo webcam We packed in a package all the accessories for the sauna, two brooms, washcloths, soap, a towel and left the house.
It was not far to go, and after ten minutes of fast walking, strictly at the appointed time, Katerina and I were on the spot.
We have already met Marina with Andrey.
They sadly informed us that the steam room was closed.

But there is a free sauna for 4 people.
Expensive of course, but once thought up, we decided not to mean things and went to the room.
I did not expect the sauna to be so spacious and comfortable.
It was a room without rectangular pillars.
A third of it was occupied by a pool with hydromassage, with a depth of about 25-30cm. big booty solo webcam
The size of its meter is 2 by 3 and it was laid out with large blue tiles.
In the center of the hall there were three benches made of solid wood in a staggered pattern.
Next to the benches were large sinks of snow-white faience, from where through the chrome-plated tap it was possible to draw water for dousing.
In the corner of the sauna, a door was flung open, from where steam was coming under the ceiling.
This was the steam bath in our understanding.
The shower sections walked along one of the walls, divided by partitions in such a way that it was impossible to see who was washing nearby, but if you took a few steps to the center of the sauna, you could look at all the shower sections.
After a friendly inspection of the sauna, we were all pleased and, with shouts of approval, we went to the locker room.
Along its walls were two rows of boxes into which we began to unpack our belongings. big booty solo webcam