boys tube webcam “Hey,” yesterday’s thunderous voice called out to me.
Leaning on the fence, again with a bottle of beer, hung yesterday thug.
– Podika – he called.
Under the hypnosis of his heavy gaze, I approached him.

– What’s up? – Normally.
– Mmmm.
And grandma knows what you do at night? – In the sense – I shivered recalling yesterday’s rustle in the bushes.
– Well, you take in your mouth.
I was already shaking with my whole body.
– Come on dark, but the grandmother will have to tell – and as if nothing had happened he went to the house opposite.
I shuddered at my grandmother’s voice.
– What does he want? – I.
yes I just asked about Moscow.
“I see,” the grandmother murmured as she entered the courtyard.
– And who is this? – This is Petka, fool, Nikolavny son.
A week ago, I returned, somewhere about two years of Schlindal.

I still could not move from my place to look at the two-meter-long figure that was removed.
My name is Sasha Plekhanov! I’m a model! I am blonde and pretty clever for a blonde. webcam talk to strangers
Everyone loves me, and my friends call me Plush (Slutsha – Konchusha)! Once I came to a friend.
I owed her a lot of money.
She warned me that if I didn’t bring her money, I wouldn’t be good, because she’s associated with very serious people.
I cried and said that I had nowhere to find so much money.
And then a friend offered me a “scrape the bottom of the barrel”.
And I went to the club to look for the “boob”.
There I met a guy.
His name was Seva Susekin.
We talked, drank, and I said that I needed money.
He offered a cool idea to suck him.
It seemed to me perfect.
We moved to the bushes, I undressed and offered myself to him, but he still wanted me to suck him.

Then I decided on the trick.
I said: money in advance.
But he was a tough guy, he was smarter than me.
And he refused the money in advance and pledged me the most precious thing he had – his member.
And he gave it to me in the mouth, and as a pledge I received a crumpled ten-ruble bill sealed with blue electrical tape, the number ten on it was sealed with electrical tape, on which was written with a black marker one thousand.
Seva said it was a thousand, and I believed it, because I didn’t see well in the dark, I was blond and fairly yielded.
So, I stood naked in the middle of the bushes, with a cock in my mouth and could not say anything – it was awful – I couldn’t speak, so I began to suck in order to speak faster.
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