cam home sex video Mom drank her usual Friday homemade wine all the time.
After eating, we returned to the living room, and I excitedly turned on the camera.
“Mom, cool! Everything I wanted! Mom, will you be my first model?” , I unexpectedly asked myself – and took a picture of my mother sitting on the sofa.
Let’s stop for a minute and I’ll describe mom.

Normal woman with a good job in the financial sector.
Hence the business style.
Height is about 170 cm.
Not a bad figure: well, not bad, for a 40-year-old woman.
Straight brown hair over the shoulders, deep brown eyes, sweet face with rich full lips.
Nice chest of 3 size, slender legs and sporty form.
All this is complemented by black classic outfits.
The picture I took was taken on the right, my mother sat cross-legged on the sofa.
The skirt was just above the knees.
Taking a picture, I suddenly realized that she looks very appetizing.
Before that, I never thought my mother was sexy.
“Wow, mommy, cool shot,” I said, showing the camera screen.
“You think so?” giggled mom.

“Of course,” I replied, “listen, since we are alone at home in this weather – let’s have some fun and take some pictures?” “My pictures”, mother was taken aback. cam home sex video
“Yes, why not? Stand facing the camera: please” “Oh, well, okay” – mom finished her glass of wine and stood facing me, “what now?” “Now put your hands on your hips and smile at the camera.”
I looked through the peephole viewer and saw her giggling slightly.
I joined her laughing and took some pictures.
“Mom, great: now turn around slowly, keep your hands on your hips and look at me over your shoulder: keep smiling just as lovely!” Mom slowly turned around – and I took pictures.
When she got her back to me, I admired her ass sticking out from under her skirt.
Bra stripes were visible through the blouse.
I involuntarily remembered this moment, because it was then that I realized that I wanted her to pose for me as a woman, and not as a mother.
I wanted to see her mature sexual body and wondered how far I could persuade her to go.
“What now?” asked Mom, looking over her shoulder.
“Mom, great!

You look amazing.
Seriously! I think with this camera I can make great shots! “” Seriously? What, for example? “” Well.
uh, can you bend over in your waist, bend down, put your hands on the sofa and look again over your shoulder? It will be cool, mom, please! “” Bend down !? “, mom asked, slightly surprised.
“Yes, Mom, it will look great: come on, try it – it can be fun!” “Well, well – I think it will not hurt anyone!” Mom replied, starting to stoop.
Skirt even more tightly gorgeous buttocks.
Feeling my breathing quicker, I took pictures from several angles.
“Wow! Mom, you look great! Especially your legs when you bend over your heels.”
I knelt behind her.
“please put one hand on: mmm: on the ass and look back – like a real model” Slowly and uncertainly, my mother fulfilled my request.
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