china webcam site His hands also wandered through the body.
When did he take off his robe? It doesn’t matter anymore.
I brought him to the room, where kissing his body centimeter by centimeter, I freed him from his clothes.
Language held on trembling stomach, stopping at the navel hole, nibbling, held his hands on his hips, above.

Hands felt its natural beginning, which could bring us to the end of love.
He groaned, apparently, I was fascinated by the game.
Impulsively lifting me up in my arms, he laid me on the bed, kissing my body, where only he wanted to, he brought sparks to his eyes.
I groaned, but did not rush, although I understood that I could not endure it any longer.
I melted under his palms, his tongue made incredible.
I was dying in passion.
A long moan escaped from parted lips, and then I felt his lips on my own, a kiss muffled the groan of the beginning of the invasion.
Two bodies moving towards.

A single heart beat that drove blood faster through the veins.
In unison, we then speeded up, then slowed down.
The flames that burst inside were burning, looking for a way out.
His growl, my moan.
Somewhere inside, a firework of stars exploded, sparking a single completion.
The body trembled, refusing to live independently.
I opened my eyes, meeting his gaze.
Leaning over, he kissed my supple lips.
This night is ours, and I will not let it just be.
I want to share a story that happened to my wife.
My name is Vadim, my wife is Natalia.
We have been married for 10 years.
I am 30 years old, my spouse is 2 years younger than me.
Natasha is of medium height, fragile, slim, with a small sensual breast and aspen waist.
Brown hair and green eyes.
She is really a beautiful young woman.
We have a daughter of 7 years. webcam old and young
Her husband did not breastfeed for long, so her forms remained the same as before birth.

In bed, we tried almost everything, since the imagination of both works well in this direction.
The only thing we did not have is group sex, as well as cheating.
And me and my spouse, we were true to each other.
But over time, breaks in sex began to increase.
I asked my wife what it was.
She said that everything is normal.
Here’s how then on one of the Fridays my wife suggested that I go to a nightclub to dance.
I was wildly tired at work and did not want to go anywhere.
My grandmother met her daughter after school and left to spend the night.
So I suggested to Natalia to go with her friends.
She phoned the girls and agreed with the two to meet at the nightclub at 22 o’clock.
She took a taxi, but after standing for a while at the window I lay down on the sofa and began to click the TV channels in search of interesting things.
There was a snooker tournament on the sports channel and I didn’t notice how I was dozing off.

Then I will tell you what Natalia told me when she returned from the club.
In the lobby of the club, she met with her friends and together they went to a bar.
They first sat there for a while, chatted, drank a glass of champagne and then went to the dance floor.
After dancing for a while, they returned to the bar table again, ordered more champagne and coffee.
Slow music began to play on the dance floor, the girls chatted at ease about any nonsense.
Suddenly a nice guy of about 25-30 years old approached their table and invited Natalia to a slow dance.
She immediately agreed (as explained later, t.
I did not agree to go, she wanted to have fun and from a slow dance with a man) despite the surprised looks of her friends (it is worth saying that Natalya does not like to dance with unknown men).
The guy moved very well, which pleased my wife, he smelled of expensive fragrance, although he was dressed quite simply.

Well, how else can you say about jeans and a turtleneck.
Alexey – the guy was introduced.
Well, why not, Natalya thought, challenging herself, and they started a conversation.
She specifically flirted, deprived this evening of attention of her husband.
– And you can join your company – said the gentleman.
– of course – said my spouse.
Alexey was with two friends and escorted Natalia to the table where the girlfriends were sitting left.
After a while he returned with them carrying a tray with a mountain of all kinds of sweets, champagne and expensive wine.
The guys were called Nikolai and Vitaly.
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