daisyadams free webcam “I don’t know, I don’t remember that, maybe I popped it when I was very little”.
“Well, I push my Innochka when she doesn’t poop.
Sometimes it takes a little while to hold there and the pumping goes, “explained Aunt Alina.
She put a spread finger on her daughter’s anus and began to push it inside.

The girl began to scream, cry and kick her legs.
“Calmly, daughter, calmly,” her mother calmed her, “lie still, do not pinch, then your finger will come in easier and faster.
like this, already entered almost completely.
Still a little deeper shove.
Well, do not shout like that, be patient a little.
Well, here you are all dried up, most probably will not work. top sex cam sites
I’ll have to do the enema. ”
Having said that, Inna’s mother removed her finger from the daughter’s asshole and went to the kitchen, leaving the still crying girl on the bed.
Niece Ira followed by an aunt.
“Little, you do not know where you have an enema?” Alina asked.
“I know,” the girl replied, “there, in the closet, on the top shelf.”
The aunt opened the cupboard and actually saw two enema cans on the shelf — one small, with a soft rubber tip, and the other much larger with a hard plastic end.
“Great, the smaller one will come in handy for me, and your mother probably makes an enema with a large balloon?” she asked her niece.
“Yes,” that one, flushing slightly, answered.
“And often this happens?” “Well, how when.
about once a month, probably, “confused Ira murmured.
“You must be resisting terribly,” Aunt Alina laughed.
“No longer,” the girl replied, “before, when she was small and stupid, she, of course, resisted, mom and dad held me down by force when they put on an enema. daisyadams free webcam