hot lesbian webcam Shilen scrolled in the head of the events of what had just happened, she saw her slave woman twitching in convulsions orgasm, she moaned, her body covered with sweat gleaming in the lit candles bent by the arc from the pleasure that had overtaken her.
She lost consciousness from pleasure and did not regain consciousness for about five minutes.
Yes, with this bright elf, she experienced long-forgotten feelings, feelings that were cruelly crushed by her beloved betrayer.
Shilen fell asleep with wet paths of tears in her eyes.

To be continued.
For those who like my story I have a question.
I am increasingly inclined to complete the next part of the story, but if the majority wants to continue, I will make a turn in the plot and add new characters.
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Lara Croft left the building and went to the sea.
It was only six in the morning and, taking advantage of the moment that everyone was sleeping, she decided to swim.

Passing past a coconut palm, she saw Wesker, and immediately hid behind a tree, began to spy on him.
He went to the sea, touched some water, turned and walked back.
He turned again to face the sea and began to undress.
The girl was curious, she never saw him naked.
For all the time that he slept with her, it happened in the dark, or she had blindfolded eyes.
And here is such a moment, she would never miss it.
Albert slowly took off his T-shirt, which opened his muscular arms and shoulders.
There were deep scars on her back, they were everywhere, it worried her a little bit, but the next moment she forgot about them. gay boot camp porn
Since he took off his pants and swimming trunks.
Her eyes showed his pumped, hairy legs.
Raising her eyes higher, she saw his elastic ass.
She liked this sight very much, and she did not notice how she got closer to the shore, but still hiding behind another tree.
Wesker slowly climbed into the water, slowly going deeper and deeper.
Lara crouched in the sand, disguised as something of a small tree or a large bush, still watching him.

At that time, he was swimming in the sea at his pleasure, diving, swimming.
She peered at his wet hair, body, and she definitely liked it.
The girl once again came closer, again without noticing it.
Do you like? Said a voice from the sea.
Lara already jumped in surprise, thereby making Albert smile.
She did not think that he would see her, the more that she would talk to her.
Not knowing what to say, she was silent, coming out of her hiding place.
All managed to consider? He shouted again.
Croft felt like a schoolgirl, caught by a teacher for hooliganism and flushed.
Albert grinned rather.
Come to me, water just class.
– He spoke in his captivating voice, sailing closer to the shore, where the waves broke on his waist.
He delighted her with the beauty of her body and, without realizing it, took off her kengurushka, blouse, shorts, remaining only in a bathing suit, red with the emblem of “Umbrella”.
Step by step she came into the sea.
“And indeed the water is super” – thought the girl, enjoying her coolness.

When she was near him, she had water on her neck, and he was just below her shoulder.
So you didn’t answer, did you like it? – he insidiously asked, looking into her eyes.
She looked away, pondering over her answer.
Did you know that I am there? – She asked, looking at the landscape, consisting of palm trees.
From the very beginning.
– He approached her, stood behind her.
He put his hands on her back, lowered his head to her ear and whispered: And now it’s time to pay.
– With these words, he untied her bra and he swam away from them.
Wesker clung to her.
His flushed flesh pressed against her leg, and she blushed again.
I like it when you’re embarrassed.
– He whispered, holding her chest in his hands.
This made Lara make a low moan, but Wesker heard him.
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