kali linux webcam I raised myself and threw your legs on your shoulders, and after a few frictions I shifted you to one side.
You grabbed my hand and laid it on your chest, you sucked the finger of the second hand as if it was another member of mine.
I sped up and felt like you shudder, a few more jolts and feel the liquid running out of you.
I remember how you once finished in the shower sitting on a window sill, it poured and flowed from you, but did not stop.

But now I stopped to enjoy this spectacle, and bent down and kissed your vagina.
Reassured, you grabbed my cock and started jerking him hard, thinking that I would finish, but in fact did not even think about it.
I harshly took you by the hand, raised it up against the wall.
Your body was beautiful, in the twilight you could see the beads of sweat all over your body and a small stream running down the inside of your thigh.
I came up, grabbed your hands and squeezed them behind your back, you asked to fuck you hard and without thinking, I became strong points to have you standing up, holding your hands with one hand, and the other periodically patting you on the buttocks and caressing your chest.

You screamed from the buzz, and asked not to stop, but I periodically ran my hand between your legs and got excited from the constant discharge.
Neither you nor I had the strength, I was choking and you were twitching from the last orgasm.
After standing for a while, you said that you wanted to take it in your mouth and knelt, very gently, you clasped it with both hands and started playing with my head with your tongue, then you ran along the entire length and returned to the head as deeply as possible to put it in your mouth .
I was in seventh heaven, clutching my fingers on your shoulders, I was twitching and moaning, and you, as if playing with me, did not stop for a second, each time deeper and deeper. kali linux webcam
And then she so naively raised her head, released her lip and said childishly: “And now I want to ass.
“You reached for the cream in your purse and after a couple of seconds I stretched your narrow little ring with two fingers.

You were so excited that you didn’t have to work with your fingers for a long time and you already moaned playfully and chaotically squeezing my dick forced you to complete the preliminary procedures faster.
You also stood at the wall a little bent and I began to slowly enter you, you gasped and grabbed my hand on my ass, letting me know that I should stop.
But I knew that it was already difficult to stop me and continued to enter.
As soon as my testicles touched your vagina and the dick was completely immersed in your ass, I heard you breathe a sigh of relief, and began to push me with my hand.
I easily came out of your ass and this time already quickly inserted a member into an already more malleable anus.
You moaned and asked not to stop, and I began to have you with slow but sharp jerks at the end.
Yes, yes, it is to have, to have as the last slut in her all ready ass.
I gained momentum, and you moaned more and more, from pain and pleasure, sometimes your moans turned into screams, you asked not to stop, you asked to fuck you.

Your hands did not find a place for themselves, then you leaned on the wall with them, then grabbed your breasts and nipples, then my buttocks, my finger was in your mouth, and my hand was smacking my ass.
I felt your orgasm approaching, and I knew that anal orgasm gives you much more pleasure than usual.
You convulsed and asked not to stop, more and more flowed out of the vagina, you put my hand between my legs so that I could feel your moisture, and with me, under rhythmic jerks in the ass, you masturbated your clit.
You said that you were almost finished and you wanted me to finish you in your ass, you wanted to feel my hot sperm, with these words you pushed two of your fingers into the vagina with force and began to rhythmically move them.
I was almost on the verge, and feeling the pressure of your fingers in the next hole began to convulsively cum in you, along with you.

Your legs no longer held you, we knelt on the knees where I continued to fuck your already almost unconscious body.
A member gradually began to soften with a pulsating ass drenched sperm.
You stretched out your hand to the vagina to spread the sperm flowing from your ass over it.
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