korean neat webcam In the heart of delight and such delight.
I kiss myself and, too, squeeze.
So it happened, down with all the torment! Closely pressed, the bodies merged.

Gentle speech, smiles, kissing.
It seems that we have been waiting for each other all our lives! 38
Hands wander completely without restraint, Iron lovingly and chest and abdomen.
I – like a string, my end – in impatience, Dara hand gently so crumples him.
After, resolutely to the crack, he brings Inward dips, and – he is already there.
The hour of ecstasy, delight comes: In the sea of ??love we are sailing on the waves! 40
Down, and then up I fly along the ridges, I feel the flesh, elasticity and pain: I stay in heaven and hell at once.
God, let me stay here forever! 41
I feel, in the loins of the volcano is brewing, Accumulates, avalanche ripening.
After the fountain flies out of the crater, the jet shot into Darin flowed.
In the realm of bliss we are flying away together, Whispering funny words to each other.

As if, from the hard work rest.
This was repeated more than once or twice.
So we lived in love for three weeks, In happiness, swimming, as in the sunshine.
Together they breathed and drank and ate, They fought in jest on sharp swords.
The two went to the forest to hunt: Bird and beast to get for lunch.
We bathed and steamed in the bath on Saturday.
So I forgot my vow of God.
Well, at night, as soon as it gets dark, We indulged in magical love.
Dara gave me everything that she has – Just whisper, just, just call me! 46.
In the love affair, she was the dock: Where to caress, where to rub, how to enter.
I have not heard a word of reproach, With her, knowing the pleasures of the path.
With her, I studied and “lying”, and “standing”, “above” and “below”, and “in the ass” and “in front.”
Passed passionately to “wolf howl”, Not forgetting, at the same time, and mouth.
How to suck, lick and pochmokat, – I passed this science seriously. korean neat webcam
And I myself had to hunt, Again studying the “anal question.”

She did not know the gift of scholarship: She would put oil on it, put it on and “rush”.
Oh, I have suffered in the subject of “anal”, As if the fire from inside burns me.
Well, he owned his lips skillfully, And the tongue fluttered like a snake.
She took in skillfully and “deliciously” in her mouth. free spy cam porn videos I was buried there all in vexation.
Everything to describe me is not enough and the book, Our enthusiasm “fill the palace”! Soon the end of this love affair- In the world of everything comes the end.
At night, the elf came rushing along with “anxiety”: The enemy appeared in the nearby forest.
Darmila quickly gathered on the road And ran, tucked braid.
For five long days I languished in alarm: I couldn’t sleep or eat.
In the morning, steps were heard on the threshold, Here, and waited for the sad news.
Also, inaudibly, the detachment appeared, Sorrowfully brought into the house stretchers with a raincoat.
Cloak carefully on the floor down, – Dead Dara lay on it.

I stopped dead, crying and struggling, I collapsed on the floor next to the deceased.
Mournfully the procession went away.
I looked after him, and the detachment went and walked.
So he sat “sculpture dead” Hour or two or ten hours.
After, went for the rope The door neatly closed on the bolt.
Here, and the hour of reckoning came cruel: Time to pay for the sins of the bills.
“It’s a long time not to be lonely there, Dara, I will soon wait for me there!” 58.
No matter how you sin, and the reckoning comes, Whatever you may say, there is the end of the rope.
The neck enters the loop so trustingly enters- A worthy crown to all the sins.
“Together with you, we indulged in love, Together fate brought us to misfortune.
You wait, so little left.
Together forever, I’m – here he is, and-d.
Once under the table, like two dogs, Two seemingly respectable peasants, Their bottomless rotki, Sat, wide open.
Their boss was sitting on the chair, In slightly lowered trousers, And soon, this is his place, He ends his way in these mouths.

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