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– she nuzzled her neck and quietly snuffled.
Iri realized that it was useless to ask questions – and there was simply no strength for it, and he also fell asleep.
This story happened quite recently.

May 16, Moscow, Olympic, Eurovision Song Contest Final.
Millions of people across Europe are watching an enchanting show.
Millions of people vote for a cute Norwegian boy with his Fairy Tale – a song that he composed himself.
The winner accepts congratulations, gives autographs, he does not believe in his happiness.
And around a lot of people, enthusiastic cries and unexpected hugs.
And suddenly, in front of Sasha’s eyes (namely, that was the name of our hero), a handsome young man suddenly appears.
Out of inertia, Sasha turns his head to other people who surround him, who want to embrace him, to share these moments of glory and triumph with him, but his glance returns to the short, tanned guy.
Hello! Will you give me an autograph?

Everything is lost around.
Everything is in slow motion.
All surrounding ceased overnight to exist.
Only Sasha and he.
He is a man whom Sasha lost many years ago, whom he could never forget.
His first love, his first feelings.
Sasha is not able to tear off his loving glance, his autograph as he involuntarily drags on, the guys are familiar.
They were long ago divorced in Minsk.
Now they are near and Sasha gives vent to the senses.
Having met, glances Ruslan and Sasha are unable to tear themselves away from each other.
So, even without having agreed, only having greeted them with a kiss in front of an enthusiastic audience, the guys are retiring to the banquet hall to celebrate the winner. xxx webcam porn shows
Reception at the end of the official ceremony, what was left unattainable for European audiences.
The sea of ​​champagne and snacks, friendly hugs and congratulations drive Sasha crazy.
Winning drunk young performer.
Hot young winner’s blood, warmed up, champagne requires continuation.

Ruslan’s closeness is driving him crazy; he is not impatient to talk to him in private.
Inspired by the victory and, not embarrassed by those around him, he begins to communicate frankly with Ruslan.
An unexpected and long-awaited meeting is the best gift for the winner.
Ruslan was clearly not expecting such a turn of events, but not at all against the claims of the now well-known and popular handsome guy in all of Europe.
Signs of attention, which gave Sasha, clearly flattered Ruslan.
He could not resist and they all of a sudden disappear unnoticed by everyone.
Hiding through the emergency exit, they went to the hotel.
Having appeared in a cozy and not bigger room, Sasha continues to sing now for one person, to whom he dedicated this victory.
They drink champagne straight from the bottle.
Sasha’s tongue slid along the stream of champagne, which beckons lower and lower.
Passionately hugging and kissing, the guys are left without clothes.
Drenching champagne and drinking it from the body of a loved one, it gives both unearthly pleasure.

Tumbling, hugging, kissing, how long they waited for this happy moment.
Both Sasha and Ruslan with perfectly folded bodies and to the utmost excited members fall into bed.
A decent size member of the winner is in the mouth of Ruslan, the moaning moans are heard from Sasha’s chest.
Ruslana cannot be torn off, he is enjoying himself a fabulous member of the Norwegian artist.
Gently caressing the tongue head and to the limit of the tense trunk of the penis and scrotum, he recalls the words of the song-tale.
This night for them is now a real fairy tale.
They change, and now Sasha is playing with a solid member of a Ukrainian, he just plays it virtuously as he has just played the violin.
Hormones seethe in the blood of Ruslan, the veins on the penis are becoming more and more.
He grabs Alexander, unfolds and attracts to himself.
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