lesbian webcam young Anna could not see the main result of her visit to the operating room, but the tingling inside proved to her that even there the case had been completed.
“Anna, take your time to dress up! Mr. young teen webcam dildo James has to set up the software,” Sabra told her.
She put aside her dress (the last time, Sabra did not allow her to wear underwear at all) and sat in a chair in front of Mr. tattooed web cam whore from russia James completely naked.

James turned on his laptop.
Soon everything was ready.
“Now we can attach the receiver to your wrist,” he said to Sabra and handed her the receiver.
If no one had explained anything to Anna beforehand, she would assume that this device was an inexpensive wrist watch.
It really could perform this function, showing time.
“Have you already told Anna about the additional functions of the device?” Asked Mr. G. unexpectedly.
James at Sabra.
Sabra shook her head negatively, and Anna immediately sucked in the gutter from a bad foreboding.

Sabra looked straight into Anna’s eyes: “Well, first of all, you should be aware that from now on I will begin to control not just your behavior, but even your thoughts.
Of course, you don’t get used to it right away, but “sooner or later you will have to realize that every time you get a thought about something exciting, I’m aware of it.
In short, I am going to control your thoughts. ”
Anna fidgeted in her chair.
“What do you mean, miss?” “I explain: the sensor detects and records any period of sexual awakening.
If we assume from the contract that you, without the consent of your custodian, that is, me, are not allowed sexual awakening, then you must avoid it. ”
“And if I do not do it, or simply can not?” confused asked Anna.
“Then punishment is inevitable.” kinky webcam
Sabra continued her explanation: “It is clear that it is impossible to save a healthy person from involuntary arousal, she comes to us repeatedly during the day.

The device takes this into account! If he feels your excitement, a timer will start.
If the excitation period lasts more than three seconds.
It qualifies as a conscious excitement and he lets you know about it with a slight tingling in the vagina and nipples. ”
Anna nodded knowingly: “LEM understands the difference between.
random excitement — that is, the thought process — and action? “” Yes, he does it.
With any excitement taken by the penetration of hands or other objects into the sensor’s range, the signal will be stronger, the ion will increase over time, until it becomes an ordinary electric shock – believe, you cannot bear it.
But the pain will immediately begin to subside as the impact on the forbidden zones ceases and stops completely after the cessation of sexual arousal. ”
“My God! Yes, it’s just an electric chair !!! And if the device is mistaken?” “It’s impossible.

In addition, I can always turn it off manually through my receiver.
However, I can calm you down: in my presence, the function of controlling your arousal will be modified – in the event of your arousal, you will not experience pain — the device will only notify me through a sensor on my wrist about your condition.
Imagine: I can determine by hours how close your orgasm is! ”Sabra giggled, but Anna remained thoughtful.
“But how does the sensor recognize your presence nearby, Miss Sabra?” Sabra raised her finger up: “This is an important question, and he leads us to the second main function of this device: controlling your location by location.”
Anna started again.
Sabra, with an uncertain smile on her lips, motioned for Anna to put on a dress.
After waiting for Anna to fully dress, Sabra handed Anna the keys to her car and ordered to bring her a cap left in the car.
With an odd smile on her lips Miss Jay invites her to go into the garden.

Stepping out of Dr. lovely angel bongacams Brady’s office, Anna felt a slight tingle between her legs.
“What the hell! Where is the excitement here?” As Anna approached the exit from the building, the tingling became more and more painful, until finally she turned into electric shocks.
Anna screamed, scaring the subwoofer girl at the front door and rushed headlong back into Brady’s office.
As the door approached his door, the pain began to subside.
In the doorway of the office, Anna was already waiting for Sabra.
Approaching her, Anna felt that the painful impulse subsided.
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