live stream cam sex Those, – after a while, I said, pulling a smartphone out of my pocket and turning it on to play the video, turned the screen to it.
She looked at the smartphone in surprise, and then her glance seemed to stick to the screen.
I saw her eyes widen in anger.
Gradually, the look from sure turned into a frightened, as she slid down the wall, plopping down on a stool.

Then, closing her eyes, turned away and quietly asked: “Denis, turn off, please.”
this! “Why, the most interesting thing is just beginning,” I said maliciously.
“Well, please,” she begged.
“So it’s you,” I said in a quiet voice, without noticing it myself and switching to you.
– she nodded and asked in a low voice, – who else knows about it? “So far, no one,” I said quietly, “but.”
– significantly silent.
– What do you want? For that.
– she squeezed out, – I can pay you, just don’t tell anyone.
– Money? “Yes,” she nodded, confirming what was said, “I now have a bit of cash, but if you wait, I will take it off the card, there’s a lot.”
– Not! – I shook my head negatively – I do not need money.
Or rather, you need them and give them to me, but you can give me something else.
– my mind, mentally divided, ran over the worn figure.
– Not! – Aunt Masha broke out, – but not this! – Exactly this! – I said harshly, otherwise I will post this video on the Internet and write the address. live stream cam sex
– Bastard, you Denis, – she whispered tiredly, – what a bastard you are! – Interesting, – I started to wind up, turning the smartphone with a camera on it, and including recording a new video, – when you fucked there for the camera, it was not a bastard.

When I took the money for it, I bluffed, it was white and fluffy.
Maryashka! – I continued meaningfully.
– And when I, having done a certain job, I offer you to pay for it, I become a bastard ?! Well, you and bitch! – I summarized and got up, storing in my pocket, not turned off the smartphone.
The smartphone was much higher than the edge of the pocket, so I continued to shoot what is happening.
– In response, I received silence.
“Well, okay,” I mumbled out loud and, getting up, walked to the door, “hello to my husband.”
My first mom! – Stop! – This magic word, expected as manna from heaven, slowed me down near the door.
– What else? – I turned lazily, trying to hide the jubilation that arose in the soul, – again trade? She will not be! Or as I want.
anyway, as I want – and with a threat stared into her eyes.
She could not stand to look, and having lowered her eyes to the floor, she whispered: – Yes.
– Chtoooo! – unable to hide a smile spreading across my face, I asked.
– I agree.
– Well? – I calmed down and did not hurry, – with what do you agree? – skeptical smiled and added – you slut will have to say it.
– I agree.
– and as if throwing herself into the water, she finished, – sleep with you! – eyes fiercely gleamed from under eyebrows.
– With whom?

Is it possible to be more specific? – I finished it.
– I agree to sleep with you Denis, even though you and a friend.
– this word is a friend, she seemed to spit at me, – my son! – evil sounded in the air.
“Well done,” I stepped toward her.
From this conversation and sensation of something more in the foreseeable future, my dick stood up, sticking out his pants.
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