mom and son cam sex This look connected us for exactly a second and I do not know what Nastya saw there, in my eyes, but she stopped resisting and spread her beautiful legs to the sides, opening my way.
I lay on top of her, but with excitement I still couldn’t get into it, although Nastya was there wet enough and then, taking my dick with her hand, put her head to the entrance to her vagina.
I leaned forward and my head penetrated her, then I entered completely, resting my balls on her crotch.
It was warm and humid inside, I could feel how the head of my penis was pressed tightly from all sides by the walls of the Nastya vagina.

Nastya did not make a moan, she only frowned at her face, as if from a light but pleasant pain.
I let her get used to myself and then began to make sharp movements back and forth, feeling my excitement grow rapidly.
She still made no sounds, only bit her lower lip, and her tits were twitching in time with my movements, turning me on even more.
Feeling that I was close to the end, I already wanted to pull a member out of her and pour out her stomach.
But at that moment, my eyes fell on her right hand, the very one that had helped my dick into her a minute ago.
But it was not the hand that attracted my attention, but Nastya’s gold wedding ring, worn on her ring finger, with a scattering of diamonds on it.

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And at that moment I realized what I wanted most of all – she is someone else’s wife, the one I wanted every day on pairs and now I got.
And she will never be mine again.
Grabbing her hips and spreading my hands to the sides as much as possible, I continued to plant my penis in her with strong movements, trying to get inside as deep as possible, which is why every time my eggs beat her crotch.
Nastya’s vagina began to squish from the released lubricant, and this was the last straw that brought me an orgasm.
I went into it as deep as I could, firmly pressing the eggs to her crotch, and began to cum, filling all inside with sperm.
“My sperm!” This thought was driving me crazy, and only she remained in my mind.
Nastya did not try to escape, she lay still, allowing me to completely pour into her, taking all my sperm into myself to the last drop.
After half a minute I got up from her and pulled out my dick.
My sperm began to flow out of the vagina – it was very much.
She soaked the sheets under Nastya.
In my heart I had only emptiness, I understood that after all we would never be able to communicate normally with Nastya.
I have an ovulation today, the fourteenth day of the cycle, ”she said suddenly, hoarsely.

I, not knowing what to answer, just stupidly asked: Yes? Yes, I better leave.
With these words, she got up and began to wear a dress hanging on the back of a chair, even having forgotten about her panties.
I called her a taxi, paying the driver in advance.
Before getting into the car, she lingered for a second and told me: I love Sergey very much, I am his wife and belong only to him, do not tell him anything, I beg you, after which I sat down on the seat and closed the door behind me.
I have already referred to this story a couple of times.
Probably worth telling her anyway.
mom and son cam sex