naughtymary webcam show I podmahivala him, moaning.
At this time, Andrei took off his outerwear and entered the room and watched us copulate.
Before that I was excited when someone third was watching how I was being fucked, it was unusual that they were two unfamiliar men.
Alexander offered his son to join, while not interested in me, as I look at it.

Andrew did not keep himself waiting, instantly undressing, he came up to me and shoved, already a fully erect penis on my lips.
He had a member of medium size, slightly thicker than Artem.
I rolled my foreskin with my hand, taking this youngster’s cock in my mouth.
Andrei tried to shove him in my throat, holding me by the head.
Alexander boldly fucked my squinting pussy, putting my son’s cock in my mouth.
After a couple of minutes, they achieved the same rhythm.
Andrei offered to change, I got up on all fours and licked a member of Alexander, at that time Andrei entered me, of course it wasn’t as tight as his father, but he immediately took a furious rhythm.

From such a pressure, I finished just a minute later, Andrei did not stop.
Alexander took the lubricant from the bedside table next to the sofa and threw it to his son, proposing to lubricate my point.
Andrew did not have to repeat twice, he squeezed out the gel abundantly on my anus and put fingers into my ass, I felt like he was gradually increasing the number of fingers, stretching my anus.
Stopping, he got up, and attached himself to my ass, at this time Alexander, holding my hair, put his mouth on his monster, I could only moo, as Andrew without much delicacy fucked me in the ass. samsung webcam price
He did it no less intensively than in the vagina.
At first it hurt, but then I began to enjoy pushes into the uterus through the wall of the rectum.
Alexander told his son to lie on his back, they put me on his dick backwards.
Alexander greasing the member with a lubricant began to stuff it into my pussy.
It was damn painful, I tried to object, but received from Alexander a couple of voiced slaps, from which I rang in my head, and was silent, he shoved a member at me, I could only whine.

Everything hurt inside me, but he didn’t give a damn.
I felt their members rub against a thin partition.
It lasted about five minutes, and I again, already against my will, finished, almost at the same time with me Andrey was discharged, yelping like a puppy.
Alexander stopped and ordered me to get up “cancer”, Andrew got out from under me, his sperm oozed from my ass.
Alexander, put my hands behind my back, and held them with his left hand.
Turning to his son, he asked me to cover my mouth, what he did, stuffing his dick into it, which smelled like sperm, a lubricant mixed with the smell of my ass.
I was disgusting, and I almost vomited, Artem and I didn’t do anything like that.
At this time, Alexander put his bolt to my ass, I moaned and tried to escape, but he shoved him in my anus.
Which by this time had already been developed and smeared with the sperm of his son, but despite this he did not succeed.
He began to painfully slap me on the buttocks, the blows were strong and sharp, and tears flowed from me.

He said that he would put me in the point anyway, sooner or later.
I realized that I had no choice, and relaxed.
The head of his fat cock slipped into my anus, and I squeezed instinctively from the pain.
Alexander groaned, while a couple of times hitting me on the buttock, which had already hardened.
He began to sway, making frictions.
My point was burning, as if coal was poured into me.
I moaned to the beat of his movements, tears streaming down my cheeks.
This did not last long, having made another couple of sharp interpretations, it was discharged.
At this time, Andrew in full use of my mouth, in which he immediately finished, filling it with sticky sperm.
Alexander said that this was the way to treat me, and went into the shower, and Andrew, taking a couple of shots on a cell phone, began to dress, I lay down and could not move, my phone rang.
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