reallifecam sex new If there is even the slightest chance of becoming his equal opponent, then he uses it.
“But how can I search for this damned Fortress?” – Kevin lowered his voice, – Alina snored softly, putting her head on his knees.
Well, that fell asleep.
His heart sank with pity and love – this girl is the most valuable thing he had.

“Go where your intuition tells you.”
If you are destined to become God, sooner or later this will happen.
We will be waiting for you.
Kevin stood up cautiously, gently shifting the sleeping girl onto a soft bed of leaves.
“Tell her I’ll be back.”
And also that I love her.
Of course, the guests are not welcome here, but they themselves once go outside? He walked along the wall until he realized that he was rather tired.
He was starting to get angry and now he no longer felt that stupid joy, which overwhelmed him at the beginning.
He kicked at the stonework in his heart and swore.
Immediately behind him, a low voice rang out.
– Problems? Kevin abruptly turned around – in front of him stood a stranger, personifying the very calm.

He looked no more than forty; his powerful shoulders did not conceal even a wide shirt, girded with a black belt. indian live sex cam chat
– Problems? – He repeated and bit off the apple.
– In general, yes.
I came to visit, but I don’t know how to tell the owners about it – Kevin tried to laugh it off to hide the awkwardness.
– Consider that already reported.
Please, – the stranger made a hand gesture inviting to enter.
The previously invisible gate creaked and opened.
Inside the fortress was the most ordinary fortress.
Self-sufficient small city with its own laws and moods.
Narrow passages leading from the main square led to the towers and dungeons.
Here and there inhabitants appeared and disappeared – mostly men, dressed in very diverse ways.
some were wearing armor, some were plain peasant shirts and pants.
There was a scabbard on each thigh.
A stranger led Kevin up the spiral staircase.
A few minutes later they went out onto a wide platform, from where a wonderful view of the whole Fortress was opened.
Only now, Kevin saw that from three sides it was surrounded by a dense forest and only from the east came close to the ocean, stretching beyond the horizon, as long as there was enough sight.
– Impressive, right?

“Yes, you have settled well here,” Kevin was nervous.
He had an important conversation ahead of him.
“But don’t worry so much,” interrupted the stranger.
I know what you came for.
I generally don’t mind teaching you something, just not sure that you want to learn.
– I want to! I need to learn! ”Kevin gave conviction to his voice.
– I have to become a god! The stranger raised his eyebrows in surprise and laughed.
– You have a somewhat youthful understanding.
– But I saw that you can, I saw Abakar.
– Do not talk about it! – the stranger frowned.
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