russian granny webcam I’ll take it to the place after the match, because you go to bed at nine, we will be loudly ill, suddenly we will prevent you from sleeping, – yeah, almost convinced.
About soundproofing, I suddenly forgot.
And you can’t drive a little before ten into bed.
“Well, okay,” Anton nodded and went to his room.

I took the boxes to the office a long time ago, so that the cabinet fit into this corner as “there it was,” well, otherwise I’ll burn out of shame if the florist asks why I brought the TV set here and why we talk in the bedroom.

Beer, chips? Rather, antipokhmelin and pickle for Ogurtsov.
AT 21.
30 I was trampling under the entrance door, from the bedroom came the cries of a football commentator, lighting up the game in some super important African cup, football? Football! So come down. russian granny webcam
Exactly at 21.
45 heard the tramp under the door.
AT 21.
50 finally the doorbell rang at 21.
52 I reached for the castle, and there is nothing for the florist to know that I have been sitting under the door for half an hour.
– Hello.

Wow, sober! – Let’s go to the bedroom.
I laid it down, but not the fact that he sleeps.
Drink anything? Negative head shake.
– Sit down.
– Stand.
Eyes around the room running, well, yes, you can only sit on the bed or the floor.
– I have it.
I wanted to apologize.
– So apologize, – I sat down on the bed, sighing bitterly, I regretted that I didn’t seize the popcorn, if it is so mumbling, we won’t come to anything until morning.
I will not help.
Who is offended – I am.
Who in a soul nakakali – me.
Come on, hero-lover, make excuses! Um, do you have a killer look? It almost works.
– Listen, I was wrong, I really do not care about your life! Live as you want, fuck anyone you want! Though dog start! Do not understand? Is it that I was just blessed for a “personal” life?
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