secret camera sex videos To make the necessary purchases, I had to drive off 50 kilometers to the south, to the neighboring town of Ipswich.
In the same place I went to the doctors, because I did not want to inherit near the house of Ash – when this very thing, from a saying, comes up, I didn’t want someone to remember me.
Acting in a methodical manner, I relaxed Ashe’s arms and legs, incidentally shortening the chain on his neck and fastening it to the head of the bed.
The keys were on the shelf again.

Excessive precaution, perhaps, but I did not intend to rely on chance.

Taking a few wooden bars, I slipped them under Ash, along the torso, after which I laid a couple more bars across.
so that the body of Ash was approximately at the distance of the palm of the hand from the surface of the bed.
I did the same with his legs, widely spreading them apart and laying bars along their length, after which I also lifted them with bricks. secret camera sex videos
With a couple of bricks, I lifted Ash’s head, leaving my hands to lie next to the body.
With pieces of torn sheets, I firmly tied Ash’s hands to his body before mixing the first of five today’s gypsum buckets.

Usually, of course, put a plaster on the body completely wrong.
There was no cotton fabric under it, and gypsum was not at all the one used for dressings.
My plaster was real, building – and, wrapping it with pieces of wet sheets, between the layers I laid a thin steel mesh.
Such a gypsum can not be broken and very difficult to remove.
At the same time, the raw plaster will grab the hair and provide Ash with a very painful epilation.
Compared with the removal of this gypsum, my day in the finalgone will seem like a fairy tale.
In the same way, I carefully wrapped each leg around him — along with the bars, which served as tires.
When I finished plastering his ankles, I attached a strut to them, plunging it straight into the plaster, and for faithfulness I stuck it on top of it a little more, adding a couple of pieces of wire.
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