very young couple webcam After it, Jenny put a special children’s thermometer and a jar of Vaseline into the shopping cart.
Now we go to the toy department, – said my aunt.
I smiled happily, following Jenny to the opposite end of the store.
But there I was disappointed: my aunt filled the shopping cart with primitive toys for babies and toddlers: cubes, pyramids and rattles.

After the toy department, Jenny decided to buy bathing supplies.
So we spent the next half hour and went – from one department to another, filling the shopping cart with children’s things.
Forcing myself to clumsily trail behind my aunt in a thick diaper and listen to the insulting giggle of store customers, I cursed Jenny for not wanting to buy my pants at all.
“They probably decided to teach me a lesson,” I guessed with offense, “Therefore, she deliberately leads me around the store in one diaper.”
As I expected, we visited the clothing department last.
There, Jenny almost five minutes, I chose my pants.

What cool pants – she smiled, taking from the shelf blue pants on the harness.
I looked displeased, looking at the pants chosen by my aunt of frankly kindergarten style.
I do not like it, you can walk without pants, in one diaper! – said Jenny, – Well, dress these pants or not? Obediently letting me wear my pants, I followed the aunt to the checkout.
Is that all to him? – A very young cashier smiled when our turn came and Jenny began to lay out the children’s accessories I bought on a cash conveyor belt.
And who else? – smiled my aunt.
What are the diapers too? – the cashier was surprised. very young couple webcam
Yeah, ”Jenny nodded.“ You should have seen how he recently crap one’s pants. webcam dog show The young cashier tactfully kept silent, barely restraining laughter.
Look, Jimmy, – said one of the young mothers behind us to her little son, – Such a big boy wears diapers.
And we already do without them, because we have learned to go to the pot.
“Take this example from this kid,” Jenny derisively threw it at me, signing on a credit card check.

After waiting for the cashier to add our purchases back to the cart, Jenny drove her to the exit.
At least while we were going to the car, nobody looked at us.
“No trousers will hide this fat diaper,” I thought shyly, listening to the treacherous rustling between my legs.
Once in the car, I sighed with relief that we were finally going home.
But it was too early to rejoice.
Instead of turning onto our street, Jenny drove up to a small two-story building.
Is this a clinic? – I asked frightened when I saw the sign “Pediatrics” hanging above the door.
Jenny nodded. “Remember what Rachel said?” You need to check your pisyunchik.
She understands a lot! – I was indignant, – Let my son drive to the doctors! Now stop being naughty! – Jenny raised her voice, – You on another occasion, too, it’s time to bring to the doctor.
I do not think that your nightly writing to bed is caused by any serious illness, but let’s go through a complete physical examination just in case.

I am completely healthy! – I continued to protest.
Do not argue with me! – cut off Jenny, – I will never forgive myself if you find something serious.
Presenting the physical that was coming to me, I blushed deeply.
Only mom can take me to the doctor! – I said annoyedly to Jenny, barely holding back so as not to cry from resentment.
Once you have been left with me, it means I will be driving over the doctors! – my aunt told me in a tone of objection, – When it is necessary and for what it is necessary! Get out of the car quickly! Jenny went outside and opened my door, forcibly pulled me out of the car.
And so that the doctor did not disgrace me! – she said sternly, walking with me to the clinic building, – You will be capricious there, I’ll arrange this for you at home later! Entering the clinic, Jenny immediately went to the secretary’s window.
Are you up to Dr.
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