webcam live london I wanted to plunge into a hot bath.
But, alas, it was no longer in the water tap, and it was still far from the morning.
When I went to the kitchen, I put water in a large saucepan (since its supply was always replenished in a large 100-liter barrel) and lit my pipe.
Thoughts wandered in the head with a disordered noisy crowd, crawling one over the other, mixing, more and more often returning to what happened.

When the water got warmer, I somehow washed in the bathroom, brushing the lumps that were firmly stuck together and felt like fuzzy with pain and tooth grit.

Finally the torture was over.
Having decided in the morning to soak off normally in the normal volume of water, I dried myself, and critically examined in the mirror, I returned to the room. beautiful big boobs webcam
Thoughts gradually calmed down.
You could have a little more sober understanding of yourself and decide what to do next.
To think it was about.
I finally understood the origin of the whining feeling in my heart, which arose at the very beginning of the meeting.

I just loved the guy.
And everything that happened in the future only strengthened this feeling.
I loved him all.
He loved as he did not like, probably, no one.
Regardless of all the glaring differences and evidence.
Rejecting the arguments of reason, and.
driving themselves to a standstill.
For I could not live with him anyway, even putting all myself on the altar of love without a trace.
He was a “Sparrow” – and that was all.
I seldom made a mistake in people, and even a little was proud of this ability to immediately see the basis of their nature.
Tell me, good people, who tamed the sparrow and when? To whom could he, for example, repay with gratitude for help or at least become attached for a while? This does not happen.
There are of course exceptions – what are they not in? – but intuition told me that this was not the case.
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