webcam twerk Play his role.
To live his life.
And even think like him.
In the morning I was put on the gate and I received dear guests.

First drove a black limousine.
Well, everything (pancake) as in Hollywood films.
The driver opened the door.
A “fat wallet” fell out of the car. free live cam xxx I broke into a smile and in a pleasant voice said the phrase I learned on the instructions.
Grabbed the suitcases and walked to the room.
I said goodbye.
However, they probably give a tip there in Hollywood.
Our bankers are not accustomed.
Bored before lunch.
After lunch, the yellow Ferrari quickly rolled up.
Behind the wheel of a young woman 30 years.
Brown hair.
The door of the car opened, a slender, slim leg appeared, shod in purple stiletto heels.
The strict business suit successfully emphasized the merits of her figure.
I was embarrassed by her gaze, forgetting the usual phrase of greeting.
– Hello! – the first she said to me.
“Welcome Lady!” I replied.
Original meeting! – She said.
New? Where is your luggage? I take you to the room! Blundered at random.
She smiled, wearing a woman’s hat, handed me a thin handbag the color of shoes.
Well then spend the gallant knight! Seeing to the room admiring her figure.
For some reason it was thought.
With such denzhischakh and chest second size?

Probably smart. free naked cam shows
Own business.
This is definitely not the banker’s wife.
She seemed cold, impregnable, domineering and at the same time very sexy.
Stopping at the door of the room handed me the car keys.
“I hope you will find a parking lot?” He asked the guys who it is? The answer is modest.
We do not know! Not allowed! Regular customer.
Parking number 16.
Driving the car thought.
Now the keys.
Give now or not? Looked into the next box.
Keys in the lock of waiting.
In the next car wash.
Yes! Service! In general, there were no departing visitors on that day.
But inhale fresh air, in the evening he bathed in the lake and fell asleep to sleep the baby, sleeping out at 10 in the evening.
Woke up early from the gentle touch of a woman’s hand.
She stroked her hair gently.
Get up! “Dad calls!” Before me stood one of the maid beauties.
Quickly put himself in order.
He shaved and washed his teeth and appeared before the all-seeing eyes of his superiors.
The lady in the evening was interested in you, and after reading your profile asked to do her a morning massage.
You look well done, praise! You still have time for a light breakfast.
And here I am in front of her door.
I knock softly.
I hear her voice.
Come in!

In a light summer dressing gown, sitting on the bed, she finishes her coffee.
Well, as my knight! Probably in the questionnaire they lied that they mastered the technique of erotic massage? In other matters, like what worked in the service of the maids? Well, the ulcer! I thought.
But clever! Smart and beautiful! And what do I actually lose something? Work is temporary! Why cling to her then? A thought flashes and I immediately put another’s mask on my face.
Demonstrating rubbing the palms, warming them, smiling, I say.
There is only one way to check it out! I change the voice timbre with a strong Caucasian accent.
“Lazy on the couch!” Laughing and playing to me, she executes the command.
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