young girls 10 13 yo webcam “Even if I left you a slave for the night, then the maximum you can count on is to sleep at my feet!” But this right is not so easy to earn, remember! Or maybe you prefer to sleep in a block, slave? – She joked.
– Oh, no, madam.
– I quickly responded, not deceived by such a prospect.
– We’ll see.

One way or another, I decide! – Relentlessly stated Elena.

“Now for my body.”
For you, it’s already a great happiness to just see me and be near! And touching is just a great honor! Consider this.
I get pleasure as I want.
So do not even think about opposing, advising me, or doing wrong.
The pleasure of the lady is the meaning of all this !!! – Yes, of course, madam.
– I decided to support me.
– For you.
– Elena displeasure flashed her eyes, when I involuntarily, briefly interrupted her, but continued. webcam girl panties
– Nothing is more important to give me pleasure in any way.
This is one of the most important rules, slave! And the current purpose of your existence.
This is what I hope you understand very well.
Yes? – Of course, Mrs.
– Come on, open your mouth! – Helena Elena, and when I opened it, I put my fingers there.
– Suck on them and listen further.

You have to take care of yourself.
I do not tolerate sloppiness and neglect.
You must comply with the status held next to your mistress.
For non-observance of this, as you understand, also punishment, slave! Clean nails, no smell of sweat, I think you should not explain? – I understand, madam.
– That’s great, I like understanding slaves! – smiled mrs.
The girl broke off and bowed her head, began to look appreciatively as her slave sucked on the fingers of her feet.
– I have many other rituals, slave! – She said.
“But I’ll introduce them later.”
You still have to earn the position to remain with me.
After all that was said, and after all these many demands, it seemed incredible that the girl had a bunch of other wishes.
young girls 10 13 yo webcam