young webcam free her breasts swayed in time with her steps.
Swaying melons.
Yes, so big.
– I was as numb, as if once a boy who first saw the maturity of a woman.

Everything was like something, if not with me.
The sun, the splash of water, naked Polinka and slowly approaching Olya.
Such, oh my God! And only water zaspasala: my cock and went too far from the bottoms.
No, I did not understand at first! – but suddenly boyish hee hee !! and choked: – In! In! Genka, look !! the girl is naked.
And the woman is in the ass !.
Vooo, dilda that! Oh, look, and what a hairy legs.
scream! – I turned sharply, Polinka closed her pussy and sat down, and Olya froze, turned pale.
suddenly ran into the bushes.
I shouted: Come on from here! The boys rushed.
And, running away, giggling: – Kabyl! Hairy mare !.

man, you fuck her with cancer? !! Polina quickly threw on her panties.
From the bushes I heard: Olya was crying.
Cried somehow choked up, something, breaking, whispering. young webcam free
All around was quiet.
And I heard how Polinka began to calm her mother: – Mom, Mom.
what are you
they are fools !.
clubs !.
let’s go swimming, will not come again! let’s go
mommy Let’s go Uncle Vit.
Oh! cream, then forgot! Uncle Vity, smear ?.
I myself, and you mom !.
Olya was lying on her stomach.
I told her to distract, foolish anecdote, began to talk about work and how it is there.
Polinka was already splashing.
Olya is all relaxed and calmed down to cry.
Her shoulders.
Warm, white.
I was just afraid to touch them.
And look at all of her.
Here, so close.
Here, so close !!! and suddenly the palm itself on its back.

And gently, gently, so gently and reverently over it, so resiliently warm, white-and-white slid.
He gasped and whispered: – Remember, my fingers are little men.
they travel for you.
? Remember
? – I remember.
I remember everything.
I loved so much when they traveled.
Am I really such a freak? Why dad?
don’t say i know
I know everything.
Oh! how nice, folder! may they still travel there.
And, as if not me, not mine, but someone’s hands were tied up carefully the bow of the tie of her bra strap.
In the game, in the words of men, trembling, forgetting about breathing and she: – you just do not look.
By this time, the man managed to completely break, both physically and psychologically, the will of the woman.
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