beautiful webcam tube Two hours later I returned to the basement and saw that it was already beginning to move.
“I see you are already awake, my dear Amber,” I said.
– Who are you? Why can’t I see anything? What the fuck do you allow yourself? You will be found and caught, until the end of your life you will pay for it! she screamed.
I put aside the breakfast brought for her and took a whip from the wall.

With a loud “bow” he sank down on her thigh.
– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy !! she screamed at the top of her lungs. beautiful webcam tube
– Damn! Let me go, let me go now !.
Hlyas! This time – on the breasts, but not so much that there are traces.
– Ayyyyyyyyyy !!! Do not do it, Please! – she begged, already with tears in her eyes.
“You seem to have misunderstood our conversation yesterday,” I said sternly.
“I’m just helping you remember.”
LOOK OUT! This blow lay right on her stomach, and she almost choked.
– Please do not! I can no longer hurt me very much.
Do not do it, Please!!! she prayed again.
I raised my hand for a new strike.
Boss, she whispered at the last second.
– I’m sorry, what? – I asked.
– I beg you, do not, Master.
– That’s better. beautiful webcam tube