big meadows webcam He kissed his tummy, tickled his navel with his tongue, began to passionately lick his chest, while he was wielding a finger between my legs with a finger, feeling the vaginal walls with it, and with a large finger of his hand, he sensibly massaged my rather big clitoris.
All weight falls on me and puts the member to my wet hole.
Finally! I am exhausted from desire and I can not restrain myself: – Enter me, fuck! I so want to finally feel your fat member in me !.
Slowly he ran a wet thick head over his lips, pressed and began to enter me, and with his fingers he squeezed my wet clit.

I felt his fat trunk pushing apart the narrow walls of my vagina and from that feeling I started to cum, frantically squeezing his dick as a girl.
He put his hands under my ass, in a husky voice with excitement, quietly whispered in my ear: “I dreamed so long to fuck you, baby.”
And he sharply pushed his friend into me at the very balls and energetically moved his back between my legs, pushing my ass to the meeting, my tongue fluttering around the excited nipples, sucking it and biting it.

These words said no one else like my father-in-law! The man who was lying on me and vigorously fucking a wet crack was not my husband, but my 56-year-old father-in-law! Oh my God! – I tried to push away, put my hands on his hairy chest.
– Uncle Misha.
– I barely squeezed out of myself.
But then he even more strongly attacked me, pressed his lips to mine, put his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss passionately, while with quick sharp movements he began to drive his own count into me faster, “kissing” me with his end into the uterus, from which I started to just fly away.
Svekr began to make sounds similar to the growl of the male.
The squelching sounds of this wild horse racing and slapping his powerful eggs on my ass filled the entire room, and I began to stop with a loud moan, shaking and wriggling under it. big meadows webcam
Wave after wave covered me, exploding in my lower abdomen, spreading all over my body to my fingertips.
My stormy orgasm caused a splash of sperm and a loud low drawn-out moan from my father.

From a bright orgasm, I lost consciousness, falling into a deep sweet abyss.
To be continued.
Welcome, readers.
This story happened to me in the summer of 2012.
In the month of August.
By that time, I had been married for a year, but, in spite of this, often, in the absence of my wife, I sat on the Mamba dating site.
As a rule, I got acquainted there, talked on intimate topics, exchanged intimate photos and videos.
and of course masturbated.
Once I met Yulya Kuznetsova.
Nice girl from my city.
31 years old, brunette.
Yes, I will tell about myself.
My name is Sasha, I’m 27.
Height 170, weight about 60, keep myself in shape.
Our communication began with a merry chatter and light flirtation.
The next day, I missed work, and I went to Mambu from my phone.
August 23, 2012, 11:05 Julia Kuznetsova mmmm.
and then.
Then pat your buttocks.
August 23, 2012, 11: 08 Julia Kuznetsova is tempting.
keep going
mash up
I will widely breed in the parties.
I will gently kiss and bite the buttocks.

Squeeze them August 23, 2012, 11: 29 Julia Kuznetsova, while I will publish quiet moans.
August 23, 2012, 11: 35 Yulia Kuznetsova is very excited.
I will spend on it tongue.
Lightly put it inside.
August 23, 2012, 11: 38 Yuliya Kuznetsova I’m already excited))).
We continue.
while squeezing, stretching your ass.
August 23, 2012, 12:47 Julia Kuznetsova and then what.
and I lick your vagina.
August 23, 2012, 12: 54 Yulia Kuznetsova and in the photo everything seems to be decent only a hand)))))))))))))))))))))) but I like this option more continue.
lick your crack.
I caress and suck the clitoris.
August 23, 2012, 13: 04 Yulia Kuznetsova I’m excited again.
Continuing to mouth caress the clitoris.
August 23, 2012, 13:10 Yulia Kuznetsova Well, now it’s aroused for sure.
Moaning with pleasure.
Fuck you while fingers in pussy.
August 23, 2012, 13:28 Julia Kuznetsova do you get me there and there ?.
Sucking the clitoris, I insert another finger into the vagina.
And fuck you in both holes, moving your fingers to the meeting.

August 23, 2012, 13:32 32 Yulia Kuznetsova and for a long time this massage will continue ????????????? ?
I kiss your pussy lightly again August 23, 2012, 13: 48 Yuliya Kuznetsova while quietly starting to moan when your kisses start to be stronger.
i start to moan louder.
Kiss your tummy.
I caress her nipples.
Gently biting them.
August 23, 2012, 13: 52 Yulia Kuznetsova I already have loud moans coming out of the goody.
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