couple having sex caught on camera He gently sucked everything out, after which he kissed me firmly, penetrating my mouth now with tongue, salty-bitter from my sperm.
After a little massage of my hole, he gently pulled out his fingers and wiped my ass with something.
– Good night, rabbits, tomorrow is a difficult day! – He said, patted my hair and left the room.
I immediately fell asleep.

The next day I woke up quite late – no one woke me up.
When I went into the living room, my uncle sat there alone and drank tea.
– Oh, here’s our beautiful prince is awake! – he said.
– Good morning! I replied, somewhat embarrassed.
– Here is your breakfast.
– He said, pushing me a cup with some kind of liquid.
I drank and immediately felt that it was alcohol mixed with something else.
Do not be embarrassed, drink to the bottom, said Uncle, you will be fine after yesterday.

Drink, drink! Grimacing, I drank it all down.
My head was spinning, and at the same time I wanted to laugh, a pleasant lightness appeared in my body. indian hot girl webcam
I did not even understand how I was on my uncle’s lap, his lips were eagerly digging into mine, and his tongue was already full in my mouth.
My hand dropped by itself and finding his fly, began to stroke his huge cock through his pants.
– Do not rush, everything has its time, – said Uncle, – answer me, baby, one question.
– Whatever you want, my love! – The words were spoken out as if by themselves.
– Has anyone already fucked you? Honestly answer.
Your ass is obviously stretched, but you behave like a virgin.
Fuck or not? – Not.
– I was embarrassed, but I could not lie, – I just liked to touch it myself and insert something into it.
– Aaaa.

Well it’s good! Okay, I see you’re ready, let’s go to the bathroom, my princess! In the bathroom, he gave me a few enemas, which I did not interfere with.
Moreover, I kept whispering to him, feeling as he touches my priests: “Please fuck me, I’m your fucking, I’m your girl, I’m your bedding! Ebi me, my lord!”
Already there was no shame, only a mad desire, probably affected the effect of the drug, which was clearly mixed into the drink.
“Now you are clean, my girl,” he said when we returned to the living room, “but I will fuck you only if you are a good girl!” After the bathroom I was completely naked.
couple having sex caught on camera