free webcam chat free I stroked and felt boobs, Sveta quietly moaned, moving her ass back and forth.
Her hand was holding my dick standing, and gently rattling the barrel.
I put my hand down – and felt for my sister’s smooth clean shaved pubis and wet pussy lips.
– Yes, Dinechka, yes – Sveta moaned, and she started rubbing pussy on my fingers – yes, still, caress – she whispered, sitting down on my hand and jerking my dick.

I could not bear it any longer – and slowly began to push my sister onto the bed.
She suddenly turned in my arms, at the same time slipping out of her robe – and fell on her back on the bed, dragging me along.
– Honey, Dinechka, now, now – she covered my face with kisses, I also kissed her, anywhere: – kiss me, kiss – Light pushed me palms down.
I kissed her tits, sucked her nipples – Sveta moaned loudly – and continued to push me down to pussy.
– Lick me, suck – my sister moaned, and furiously moved her cunt up and down.
I lowered my head, and timidly licked her pussy.
– Oooh, yes, Denis, yes, more, more – and Light pressed my mouth to her pussy.

I began to lick it – now it seems that it is very timid and inept – but then it seemed to me that this is something completely transcendent. free webcam chat free
Sveta moaned and curved under me, putting my mouth on her clitoris, and now I sucked her clit in my mouth and began to gently bang on it with my tongue.
My sister suddenly gasped loudly and squeezed my head with her legs – and a shudder went through her pussy, I continued to lick her clit with a furious speed, and she gasped and twitched, jerked and gasped – the first time I brought my sister to orgasm! My sister, with some sobbing, gasped for the last time – and her legs spread helplessly, ceasing to squeeze my head, and my hands were just lying on the back of my head, and did not press my head into my pussy.
I licked her again – she just moaned softly – and moved higher.
Sveta dug into a long kiss on my lips.
– Dinechka, fuck me, Dinechka, I want – Sveta whispered – just do not hurry, now, dear: I lay on top of my sister.
She gently directed me – and I slowly began to immerse my dick in my sister’s pussy.

Sister’s pussy slowly absorbed my dick, pulling on him like a glove.
Do not rush, my dear, little by little – my sister whispered, and I slowly and smoothly entered her.
Dick slid on a slippery tunnel, which tightly wrapped him, it was absolutely fantastic and awesome sensations – and now he seemed to be leaning on something.
– Oooh, Dinechka: I got to the womb – my sister groaned – now back and forth again: just do not hurry, dear.
I began to slowly move the dick back and forth in my sister’s pussy, gradually increasing the pace.
My sister moaned and squirmed under me, and I lay on her with all my weight, flattening her boobs on my chest, and more and more vigorously and boldly moved the dick in her pussy.
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