gay webcam com Actually, she, too, was given leave, but she decided to use it later, in July-August, to do some kind of redecoration in the apartment.
I sat and leafed through the book, looking and looking for something useful, when steps rang out in the corridor and a smiling tall and strong man of about forty came in.
Inga did not immediately recognize in this well-dressed man Ilya Sergeevich, a farmer who worked in the workshops her husband Nikolai.
I found out all the same and answered a smile.

Hello, Inga.
I am going to go to the region, I went to find out, maybe something should be purchased for the school library.
Dimly you live here, books tacky, not updated.
You could make me a list, how can I help you?
The native village nevertheless, he studied here sometime, therefore I won’t leave school without attention.

Money is now, take a moment.
Ilya Sergeevich, thank you, just a lot of things are necessary.
Do not think that you are greedy? I will not count. webcam and microphone for skype
Could and simply Ilya call, you’re not my subordinate.
Or am I really so old? – He laughing turned in front of her at three hundred and sixty degrees.
What are you old Ilya.
A normal, strong and handsome man.
I like you.
And in the village, what order they put on, people are reaching for you.
A real colonel, as Alla Pugacheva sings.
When should you make a list? Well, you bent a little.
I did not reach the colonel.
A major from the army was written off during the reduction.
But seriously, you’re sunk into my soul, Inga.
I like very much.
Nothing that I almost explain to you in love? Nothing if you are serious.
Just what is it for?

You have a family, I also have a husband, and we live together with him.
Thanks for the help, except for heating now everything is in the house.
And what, can seize the moment, with your recognition, and order me a computer to the library? Although no, they will not understand at school, if no one, then even more so is not allowed to me.
So when do you give a list? How fast will you make it? Well, today we don’t have time to do it, especially since all the same he needs to be coordinated with the director, maybe she will add her own and throw mine away.
Come on, then cook for the weekend.
I will go on Monday morning, on Friday I will come again, for the list and to look at you, so beautiful.
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