hidden camera sex africa But pretty – blue eyes, konopushechki on the nose, a scattering of wheat hair.
Here they are, bastards, and aim at my Wheat.
And she became tipsy, flushed, her eyes shiny, wet, chippering with them, having fun.
I was delighted, durekha, that so many men suddenly look after her – they presented chocolate, they pour it into a glass, they make compliments.

– Let’s go, – I say, – Maruska, sleep! You got drunk already, enough! And they like shouted: – Yes, come on.
What! Yes, let the girl sit with us.
I was offended that she did not immediately jump up and did not go with me – and left alone in the tent.
Sat-sat there, not knowing what to do.
Ten minutes have passed, twenty – it does not return.
It became evil to take me.
To go out would nakostylyat them, so they know how to court someone else’s wife.
Yes, one can not cope with all.
He waited a little more, went out.
“Mother peremat !.
“Dope, bitch.

And I really froze like a pillar, and the expression was probably a stupid one.
– Vasya! It’s not me! I am not guilty !.
– Mashka whimpered, still kicking her hands harder in the chest of an okhalnik, – Vasya !.
– but the scoundrel that squeezed her, squeezed her mouth with her lips – stuck to her like a leech, and released her right breast from her bathing suit’s cap and began to rub her nipple and twist.
And my wife from a sort of caress reflex, like a spaniel.
Imagination vividly painted as her pussy swells and becomes damp.
And the anger and jealousy suddenly evaporated, as it did not happen, and they were replaced by the strongest excitement in my life.
Wheat sighed and squirmed in his hands.
And someone from behind already pulled off her panties.
Suddenly, the whole band grabbed her and dragged her into the tent. sex cam to cam roulette
I followed them and sat at the entrance.
Masha was already completely naked, her hands were crawling over her white body — they were squeezing, crumpling, and stroking.

Suddenly, someone sat between her legs, spread her thighs – and I saw a moist, soft-cream hole framed in dark honey curls.
Used his wife for so many years, but now – as if for the first time he saw how delightfully beautiful she was, how desirable.
The man began to kiss her feet – from the knees on the inner surface of the thigh, slowly approaching the holy of holies.
Mashka, closing his eyes, only moaned quietly.
– Take in your mouth.
Well, take it in your mouth, – one of the rapists poked at her lips with his balda.
– Not! How can I! When her husband !.
“Yes, he permits, permits,” said the peasant, “maybe he will still join us, see how his cock stands up!” And then I myself, with shame, noticed how my shorts rose with a stake.
At first, the eyes of the machines widened in surprise, then something like relief and a smile flashed into them, and she readily took the dick in her mouth.

And she began to suck it as never sucked me.
And the one who fumbled between her legs, meanwhile, got his lips to the very center of her femininity and began to noisily and with gusto draw herself into her juices, as if drinking hot tea from a saucer.
Wheat groaned, arched her back, giving herself to him, pushing her legs even wider.
Then she jerked back, not wanting to end prematurely.
Then he pulled off his pants, sat down on his knees – and slowly entered her.
Both sweetly gasped.
– Ah-oh, how hot! – stretched the man, – And how wet you are !.
Your wife is just super! – he nodded respectfully to me.
I did not know how to respond.
The sight of this shameless scene was crazy.
With each of his push, swollen lips opened slightly, pussy chomped, and with pleasure took a member into itself.
This was repeated again and again.
Masha’s head darted, hoarse moans burst from her throat.
Hands rhythmically squeezed two members.

My “friend” was no less wet than her vagina.
And scared to join the feast.
The guy finished.
With a loud roar, he covered her clit and bosom with sperm and fell off to the side.
His place immediately took another.
He lay back and sat Masha from above, his back to himself.
I again clearly saw the whole process.
As a member enters into it, as lips move apart, as breasts sway.
Only now her bosom was smeared with sperm, and Masha looked like a port whore, alone receiving a whole ship.
Whore, my wife is a whore.
From this thought, the sperm almost burst out of me.
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