hide camera thai massage sex What are you so excited? Widen your fingers with your lips, stretch towards them with your lips and suddenly freeze – a thick muddy drop of sperm has flowed out to meet me from the depths of your pussy.
For a single moment, a whirlwind of thoughts rushes through my head, from which I am thrown into heat and cold.
Is treason? Did someone just recently fucked my wife and cum into her? Someone member slid in the depths of my beloved pussy and at some point a fountain of sperm filled it from the inside? Someone’s hands crushed her chest, grabbed her ass, pulled her on the penis, like a crossbow string? What happened at the beginning? Did she suck his dick? Or maybe he finished her not only in the pussy? I look up and gaze into my beloved face. hide camera thai massage sex
On the chin to the right near the corner of the mouth there are barely visible traces of a dried drop.

No wonder
You love this thing.
I make efforts not to give out my fortune and let you go in the shower with the words “okay, run, and while I’m driving to the store for a beer”. hide camera thai massage sex