homemade teen webcam July, 12.
I’m at home.
Our lafa ended.
Two weeks went by like one day.

It was Sunday evening.

Five letters from Goshka were waiting for me at home.
Dad came from a business trip, my mother was all beaming.
How they love each other! Maybe Goshka and I will have the same family.
All past days did not keep a diary.
Not enough time.
Though all the days flew by the same scenario, we were not bored.
In the afternoon, if the weather is good, the beach, in the evening a disco or a movie, at night – love.
And if the weather was bad, we spent all day in bed.
We are so used to each other that I don’t know how we will be apart in Moscow.
It is unlikely that parents will allow us to co-exist.
At dinner, my parents cheered me.
– Since July 21, we take a vacation and the whole family for two weeks going to the sea. homemade teen webcam
I have not experienced much joy.
– Great.
The two of you are good, but what will I do? I better stay home.
– you what? We all got together for the first time.
No talking.
Together with us my colleague is working with his family.

He has a daughter.
Older than you.
So you two will not be bored.
I realized that I did not get out.
July 13.
Dad at work.
Mom took leave and is engaged in housekeeping.
Nothing to do, helping her.
Lenka and her parents went to the country, in Moscow from classmates no one left.
And I can not have fun, mom all day at home.
Dad brings vouchers in the evening.
the 14 th of July.
Mom is home again.
Dad before vacation travel.
July 15.
– Ksyusha, I was invited to the restaurant in the evening, we will celebrate my friend’s birthday.
I’ll be late
That’s great.
At least in the evening at home have fun.
I will get my mother’s dick and play.
Mom leads marafet, puts on her best dress.
I look at her and admire her.
Older than me by twenty years, and how it looks.
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