hotel eiger webcam Gradually pulling away, plunged into stinging thoughts – as if everything was today, and had not passed a whole day.
When he entered the house, a man’s laughter was still heard, and when he entered the hall, he saw the grinning guys.
Well, go? Feel better? – asked Igor.

– he nodded.
Where is Natasha? – Igor innocently appealed to Sergei.
In our room.
Is reading.
Vladimir stopped near the empty armchair, circling around and looking meaninglessly straight ahead.
He laughs in his face – it is clear that he has no choice, no explanation, even to himself.
He had only two ways – very different.
Vladimir, as spat upon, still stood with calf eyes and wandered upstairs.
This was the second path.
Lying in the dark, he looked at the ceiling and moaned softly.
The door on the first floor opened, first once, followed by the second – heels quickly pounded on the wooden floor, some fuss at the very staircase and, finally, Elena appeared in the open door.
She quietly slipped into the dark room — even in the moonlight her red puffed face was noticeable.

Moving, she let out a little audible sensual sighs.
Opposite the big bed there was a bed slightly smaller, between them a passage.
Lena began to wear clothes, intending to lie down on the second bunk.
Volodya stirred.
Are you awake – somehow she asked indifferently.
Elena continued to prepare.
go to sleep
She always slept either in a nightie or in her panties, but this time she took everything off.
Raising her arms above her head, she began to remove the hairpins from her hair. hotel eiger webcam
Vladimir stood up a little, trying to see her buttocks in the dark, which are still so exciting for him, but no, the skin merged into some dark outlines.
But he could have sworn that he saw pubic hairs that were tangled together and confused – when she turned to him, peering into the dark motionless figure of her husband – was he watching her? Just at that moment the moon looked out, illuminating the standing woman.
Did you need your help? – after a long silence he said.

Yes, she breathed hard.
You have been a long time.
It was necessary to remove everything.
Completely clean.
Volodya sniffed.
Suddenly stammering, fussing, he began to tell her how he liked the greenhouse in the garden today, what opportunities and advantages it has in comparison with outdated structures.
Elena went to bed, Volodin confusion began to dry up.
He thought that now and always there is a special one in her and his own deep pride.
In spite of everything, even the fact that he saw.
“Helen my sweetheart,” – flashed from him.
He remembered the wedding, the luxurious white dress – dear memories flooded, and his whole being fluttered.
And how happy he was, for the first time just by kissing her on the lips, how intoxicating the joy of reciprocity was sweet and exciting.
Just a kiss on the lips, how innocent, how purely virgin it was.
Her figure, her feminine nature beckoned, demented.
Having become acquainted, he burned in the fire of feelings, dreamed about her, and could not even imagine that he would easily receive her, it was absolutely impossible.

Reciprocity had to be won and pursued by countless small and large efforts, and now.
It turns out that she simply without undue doubts gave herself right under his nose.
But to whom? Some drunk cattle licked her breasts, touched and caressed a beautiful body, squeezed in his arms.
And then.
Vladimir internally flinched.
Awareness of such a reality, superimposed on that first attitude towards Elena, forced the heart to beat faster, and hundreds of chaotic thoughts flew through my head.
Lena, turning away from the wall, gradually subsided.
He plunged into the darkness and he.
Shaking himself and chasing away memories, he returned to reality.
Vladimir smiled as wide as possible: Well, let’s go somewhere today? She looked in the mirror with regret.
Dear, sorry.
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