intel 3d webcam The next morning.
In the meantime, I found that in my relatively free state I could almost reach the front door.
Walking around the pillar, I could reach almost every corner of the room if I lay down and stretch my legs.
In such dreary pursuits, I wasted my time.

Now I could walk around the pillar constantly, thus practicing and extracting at least some benefit from the situation.
I considered how many laps I can do before getting tired, and on the basis of this, I tried to get some regime for myself.
The book came along with the next meal.
And that, and the other Ash shoved into the doorway, without going into the room.
Then the door slammed shut.
and, standing in the dark, I cursed myself for not including the book and the source of light.
Recently, the light turned on in a random mode – probably, I thought, a certain timer controlled it, although it was difficult to set the shutdown mode without a clock.

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My dream, too, probably obeyed some sort of routine, although it was no less difficult to identify it.
I just fell asleep when I wanted it.
Rummaging around, I felt the book and a plate of food, then went back to the bed.
The book was paperbacked, an inch thick.
I wonder where it came from.
Interestingly, such a person as Ash could read.
It was probably about a day before the light turned on again.
I could guess that Ash didn’t intentionally turn on the lights for so long to tease me.
It was like with those stories about three wishes, which were always fulfilled in such a way that the beneficiary did not get any benefit.
Obviously, Ash thought in a similar way.
The next time he came, he asked if I wanted more light, and I eagerly agreed.
Looking at the book, I saw that it was Wilbur Smith’s novel.

My heart beat in anticipation of the simple fact that I could read that I could at least mentally escape from my oppressive captivity.
Apparently, my desire was too obvious, because with no less pleasure my torturer pulled out of his pocket and put a dull helmet next to me on the whole head of soft black leather.
“Oh no, sir, please allow me to read!” – like a child, I burst into tears.
I could not believe myself, how much I was mentally hungry.
This rash request was my next mistake.
For this little prank, I was expected not only by the helmet, but also by the gag.
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