langley bc webcam Sophie almost screamed in surprise.
The voice came from the toilet! She looked inward with some caution and surprise.
Yes, there was a man’s head.
More precisely, only the face.

Tightly surrounded by leather pads around the facial contours: Now only Sophie looked and realized that he was lying in a special box in which his body was apparently very tightly fixed and only his face was slid tightly into the toilet hole. langley bc webcam
The man was quite young and even attractive.
He was lying with his mouth wide open and, without closing his eyes, looked at Sophie.
A whirlwind of thoughts flashed through Sophie’s head.
She recovered from the first shock and began to understand what was happening.
She read and knew a little about the existence of female dominance.
Nevertheless, she decided to ask: – Who are you? And what are you doing here? the stupid question was immediately thought to herself, but the word wasn’t a sparrow, and it’s not hard to ask anything else.
“I am the slave of Lady Loli, and your slave, Lady.”
I ask you to sit on the toilet and fix your need. langley bc webcam