latina webcam couples They, like Alexey, were tall and handsome.
The guys made a good impression on the girls, they were gallant, interesting in communication, their jokes were not vulgar, they were quite erudite.
The conversation, champagne and wine gave way to fast and slow dancing, everyone was happy with the rest at the club.
Alexey apparently liked Natalia very much, and he constantly looked after her, poured wine, danced with her all the slow dances.

During the dance, Alexey pressed Natalia closer to her, so that she felt how tense his cock was.
He leaned over to her ear and whispered beautiful words of love to her.
Hop turned her head and during one of the slow ones they merged in a passionate kiss.
When Natalia came to her senses, she tried to distance herself from her partner and whispered that she shouldn’t do this in plain sight, that she was married, that she could see her friends or someone she knew, but she really liked it.

Alexey offered to go to him.
The blood rushed to the head and pounded in the temples from such an offer.
She was confused but for some reason she agreed, alcohol dulled the feeling of loyalty.
She understood that he prigusil her not at all for kissing, and certainly not for tea with sweets.
Citing a headache and saying goodbye to her friends, saying that she would take a taxi, Natalya went down to the wardrobe where Alexey was waiting for her.
It was about three in the morning when they came to him.
It was a two bedroom apartment in a residential area.
But what.
His bachelor home struck luxury furniture, order and lack of excess.
Everything was beautiful and comfortable.
Natalia went into the room and looked around.
After some time, Alexey came into the room and put a tray with wine and fruit on the coffee table, turned on pleasant quiet music, poured the drink in glasses and offered to drink.

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After drinking, they again merged in a passionate kiss.
Natalya said that if she did not return home before eight in the morning there could be problems at home.
Alex bent and whispered in his ear – do not worry, you’ll be home at eight.
Passion engulfed them, they embraced, kissed.
Alexey kissed her neck, stroked her back, arms, hugged.
Gradually, the hands descended on the ass and firmly but at the same time gently and gently fingers wrapped around her.
Then, with one move, he took off her T-shirt and his hands rested on his chest over the lace bra, but remained there for a long time.
The clasp was in front and the bra slid off the floor.
She, in turn, pulled off his turtleneck and clung to his chest.
He unbuttoned her jeans, and she and him, and they almost simultaneously fell at the feet.
Hillock on swimming trunks men hit Natalia.
Alexey kissed her all over her lips, neck, arms, chest, stomach, gradually descending lower and lower to a small triangle of lace strings.

Natalia’s legs became wadded and she sat down on the couch.
This allowed Alexey to take off her panties and put her lips to her neatly shaved slit.
He worked very skillfully with his tongue caressing her clit, sucking on either external or small sexual lips, or penetrating into it.
Her husband could not resist for such a long time and arched her back arching rapidly.
Alexey stopped caressing and watched as a woman wakes up.
Then he took her in his arms and moved him to the bedroom and laid him on a huge bed.
This is the bed that Natalya thought to herself.
He stood by the bed and looked at her, she recovered from the pleasure and looked around, squatted on the bed and stretched out her hands to his swimming trunks.
I pulled them down.
What opened her eyes caused a little confusion.
It was a member of a little more than twenty centimeters in length and six centimeters wide, crowned by a rather large head.

He was on full alert.
Natalia, recovering from the shock, took his hand and gently stroked, then the testicles, which were smoothly shaved.
Gently raised his lips to him and kissed.
Then she took it in her mouth and began to suck it, gently shaking her head back and forth.
It gave the partner pleasure, he groaned, and then offered to change his position.
He lay down on the bed, and my wife settled between his legs and sucked his dignity, looking into his eyes, smacking and swallowing as much as possible.
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