mature solo hd masturbation webcam Basically, all the topics tended to be intimate, and after the second bottle of wine, Nata and I learned that Katya and Masha had already made love to each other and that they even had group sex experience with exchange partners.
They vividly talked about their sexual adventures, and we opened our mouths and sipped wine, listened.
Soon we had a problem, the wine meant for two was over, and Masha suggested that I go for wine, and they will guard Natasha here.
After this sentence, I noticed a shine in the eyes of the girls, and Natasha too.

They obviously wanted to send me away.
Having nothing against the continuation, I agreed and went, suspecting how it might end for Natasha, but this was her choice and I did not mind.
An hour there and an hour back, and I walk up to our bay back with a wine snack and various sweets.
The girls swim in the sea, and then go completely naked and beautiful that captures the spirit, and I sit and admire this spectacle.

Katya is protesting why I’m in shorts and they haven’t seen the male member for a long time.
The playful behavior of the girls and the glitter in their eyes makes one suspect that they spent two hours here not in vain, and they no longer have enough of each other’s company.
Ignoring Katya’s statement, I began to lay out what I brought to the table.
This angered the girls and I was just flooded and tore off my underpants, they were pleased with the first battle won and shouted – pour.
We continued the feast.
Nath bowed to me and said, – And we made love in three.
I asked, “Did you finish?” “Yeah,” she told me, looking into her eyes.
“I wish I had seen,” I said. mature solo hd masturbation webcam
“Nothing else, you’ll see something else.”
And I understood, the girls conceived something.
Then they started talking about how Masha and Katya missed men, and Nat offered them a joke, like a saving airfield, where you can land.
Katya offered to play cards, and everyone readily agreed, only for excitement it was necessary to think about what to play.

Masha said she knew a very depraved game.
And everyone wanted to know the rules.
The loser is a fool, falls on the card table and the next game is played on it, like on the card table, while the players can touch the loser where they want, and do what they want with him during the game.
The next loser changes with the previous one.
From such rules, my hero stood up like a pillar, and everyone was just happy about it, and showed a desire to touch it.
I said I will lose, then you will touch.
As the girls did not try to plant me in the first game, Natasha lost.
She lay on the bedspread, Masha and Kate were on the sides, and I was right between my bunny’s legs.
Distributed, Masha and Kate laid out Natasha’s hands on each side sat on her palms with their pussies and asked to touch them, while they themselves stroked Natasha’s breasts, from which she closed her eyes and enjoyed it.
At the same time, not forgetting to play, and throw off cards on Natasha’s tummy.

From this I just went crazy that my girlfriend is in this position and still caresses the other girls.
Without interrupting the game, I sat back to Nate and started driving my boy through her wet girl, and she began to shake her hips and sometimes the boy got into her.
Nata wanted it, and she came to meet me, seized the boy completely and moved more actively, from which the cards lying on her tummy began to scatter.
We began to play on her breasts.
It was amazingly beautiful.
But the game quickly came to an end, and no one had time to finish.
The next loser, to the delight of the girls, was me, it seems that they already imagined what you can touch and what to do with me.
And here Natasha offered to blindfold me.
Of course, no one asked my opinion, and they blindfolded Masha’s kerchief in my eyes.
I lay on my back, it’s not worth talking about the state of my penis: They distributed the first cards and the first touches went, everyone obviously liked him, he was stroked, then pulled, then they were torn up several times and dropped.

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