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Countess Jane Carolina Mabel was furious, the Duke of Woodstock chose this vyskachka, this debutante, the young and innocent Megan Reeves. omegle free webcam chat
Countess Mabel was rushing around the living room from side to side for the past hour and could not find a place for herself.
Her muslin dress with a high waist developed behind her, fitting a beautiful slim body tight to elastic thighs.
Deep cleavage opened the eyes to a graceful neck, a beautiful full chest and a hollow between the breasts evoked sinful thoughts.

Black thick hair was collected on the head in a luxurious hairstyle, revealing and emphasizing the delicate features of the face as well as the neck of its owner.
Countess Mabel had been widowed for 2 years now and was a very wealthy lady, according to the unwritten rules of the court she could allow herself to have an affair as long as it was not so obvious.
Countess Mabel was not only a rich and incredibly attractive woman, but also very self-confident, as well as self-willed.
The plan for revenge ripened instantly and she immediately began to implement it.
At the nearest social reception, she made a bet with three of the most desperate hang-ups and ladies’ men for a very large sum.
The essence of the bet was reduced to one, each of the three bastards had to push the legs of Lady Megan Reeves and try what she was like.
And all this was allotted to three weeks. Chaturbate female cams. If successful, everyone received an unheard amount of 20 thousand pounds.

To the countess’s indignation, it was not just one libertine who was not able to thwart even a fleeting kiss, not to mention more sinful deeds.
What infuriated the countess, and quite intrigued, she wanted to look at this lady of Chastity.
A week later, a ball took place in Patraness, they wanted to see young debutantes, and of course, Countess Mabel accepted the invitation to such a high reception.
She prepared herself for this ball with great care, put on a dress made of black silk and velvet, cut off with silver embroidery.
In the hair missed the pearl thread.
She looked velklepolepno and silver trim dress was in harmony with the color of her silver eyes.
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