raspberry pi 2 usb webcam Now we were facing each other and looking more and more at each other than at the monitor.
I glanced at her lips.
As they broke with the increasing frequency of moans.
As she bit them, closing her eyes.

As licked her tongue, looking at the monitor.
And something pulled me to her.
And our lips touched.
And there was no preliminary awkward kiss here.
I put my tongue in her mouth and that’s it.
We lay and were engaged in petting.
However, passion has not ceased to grow.
I lay on top, continuing to make frictions inside her with one hand, and with the other I pulled her T-shirt and put my lips to her nipples.
Then the teeth and tongue were used.
She moaned, squirmed, let go of my instrument, and dug her fingers into my ass.
Then I turned her from back to abdomen, without being distracted from stimulating her pussy.
She lay in front of me.
Flashing her delicious ass, waiting for my attention.
I grabbed her berries with my palms, and then clutched at these buns with my teeth.
Hot breath went over her back.
In the lumbar region, she caved in, exposing her ass to me.
With one hand, I grabbed her hair, grabbed her roughly.
Another – continued to stroke her pussy, while she was bored with languor.
I glanced at my club.

Then on her pussy, located opposite. raspberry pi 2 usb webcam
In short, I did not think long before plunging my end into it.
With surprise, she leaned to the side, but after a few pushes, she lay quietly and moaned under my blows.
Before my eyes suddenly flashed that girl from my class: a strict blue suit from a jacket and a skirt, which over time already came to her close-fitting, hair braided in braid, thin glasses bordering green eyes, a straight line, just the personification of chastity.
And now this chastity was under me and moaned lustfully in time with my gestures.
Suddenly she froze, exposing her pussy to my blows, and then went limp.
Unlike this baby, I was still in full swing and was not going to finish.
Although it felt like an orgasm is approaching.
Then I lay down on top of her and, pressing my whole girl to bed, made the last few blows, and then froze in her arms, filling her with my sperm.
The excitement, as well as the expectation of this moment, was so great that, it seemed, I had to finish the whole bucket and my sperm would soon flow out of her ears.
However, this did not happen.
We are frozen in this position.
I buried my nose in her hair.
Heart felt her breathing.
I waited so long for this moment that I never imagined what I would do when I took mine.

Of course, the gallant cavalier, it was believed, would turn the girl over, kiss her, give her a conversation, and then, proceeding from her own decency and the emotions she experienced, would offer her hand and heart.
However, I was not her gentleman.
Nor did we have any act of love.
I was just the boyfriend of the sister of this attractive girl who dreamed of dragging her into bed.
And all that connected us was a few minutes of insane fucking, during which I simply tore off the lustful beauty whose guy was not around.
So what, I ask, had to do? Get off her and smoke? Or silently retire to the next room, never again mentioning what happened ?!
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