real sex videos hidden camera Can you imagine! I do not have time to come to myself, as he falls from above! At first I fought back, and then I thought: all the same, it should end with this, but here it seems to be a coincidence, I don’t need to do anything.
In the end, saved half an hour.
In general, everything went great, I even experienced an orgasm, which, generally speaking, is rare in our business.
But you know what turned out? – What? – The door to the landing all this time remained open! More precisely, half-open.

And who of my neighbors has seen or heard – is still a mystery to me.
“Tell me, Svetlana Nikolaevna, since we are already talking,” Liza began timidly, “do the neighbors know anything?” After a pause, the blonde sighed and admitted: – Of course, in the know.
People have eyes and ears.
And the walls are here.
– she looked around as if she saw them for the first time – paper.
Greet through their teeth or generally silent.
You, by chance, did not read the inscriptions on the walls?

“No,” Lisa lied.
She just now understood to whom were treated masterpieces like “Svetlana K.
– thick nipple “or” Svetka – a delicious candy, “and pictures of an aunt with huge tits.
“Well, don’t read,” she said, “you’ll sleep better.”
You, too, after a year or another, will rent an apartment in one of the neighboring houses.
We all, as you noticed, live in a heap.
So what about you at the entrance will write about the same.
What to do – the cost of the profession.
At this time, her phone boomed.
“I knew that,” after reading, with contempt, or Svetlana snorted with annoyance, “he will not come.”
– Explained why? – Not.
Yes, I already know – scared.
Many people understand why a teacher calls him to himself.
Moreover, two teachers.
And to whom and friends will whisper.
– And how many of those who do not know? – Well.
Maybe – half, third.
Sometimes he knows, but hides, builds himself innocent. real sex videos hidden camera
– And what punishment awaits him? – None, – Svetlana smiled, – Unless to reproach him that, they say, two respectable ladies were preparing in vain, canceled the case.

What, they say, his feat was without reward.
But you can not punish! Such is Sergievskaya’s policy, and I support it.
– That is today.
Akela missed? Kovach sadly smiled: – There is little funny.
Nadezhda Georgievna doesn’t like these blunders much.
– Why? – It means, we have worked roughly.
Roughly – in the sense of unprofessional.
Showed or said a little more than necessary.
Hinted a little fatter.
So get ready – tomorrow on the carpet.
Think over for now everything that was wrong with this Mikhailov.
Step by step, word by word.
Remember everything you said, that he answered where he was looking.
Lose the situation.
After all, he first agreed, and then frightened or frightened.
What exactly? You see, Sergievskaya is fair in these cases.
If it turns out that one of us was wrong, she does not punish.
She examines this error in detail, explains how to act.
I went through like this.
She, you know, as an investigator, takes out all the information, and you even remember what you never knew.

Then Svetlana looked at Liza with the same close attention and said with pressure: “I intend to invite Egor Anatolyevich here now.”
Lisa made an astonished face.
– Judge for yourself: the table is set, there are two glass vessels in the refrigerator, just for this case, and there are two beautiful women ready for love, – Svetlana, jokingly dragging out the words, playfully straightened her hair, – And for women who took the appropriate pills, have a free evening.
Should all this be gone? – So this is a common practice? – With the breakdown of promotion – yes.
– Often this happens? – Three times in the fourth approximately.
So you stay? “Yes,” Lisa breathed.
She tuned in for sex, and he canceled, and, as always in such cases, the desire only increased.
In addition, curiosity seized.
– Well.
Hello, Egor? Yes, we need you.
Elizaveta Ivanovna and I.
I have, yes.
We wait.
And she stopped talking.
Lisa gradually got used to nothing in the “Fourth” is not surprised, but this scene shook her.

Group sex is reached faster than buying bread at the store.
– Do you have what to change? – Svetlana asked efficiently, opening a wardrobe, – I will change clothes for sure.
In this suit, damn hot and uncomfortable.
So do you get something? “I’m afraid yours won’t suit me,” Lisa said tactfully.
“I haven’t always been like this,” the blonde answered, “continuing to delve into her clothes,” for example, try on a suit.
Yes, and in the morning you need to walk in something.
Not the same, – and she nodded at Lysine outfit.
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