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I sat down in the jacuzzi and pummeled my body and decided to put my pussy in order, took out a razor, soaped pubis and shaved her hair.
Son I saw that I shaved my pussy said.
– That’s better mums, and kissed on the lips.

After lying down and enjoying in the jacuzzi, I got out and put on a silk robe and headed to my room.
She began to dry her hair, curl them, dye again and preen in front of a mirror.
While I was painting my son I chose a dress that was tight, red from guipure, the sleeves, the neck of a small part of the chest were completely transparent, the back of my bare back showed through the guipure, the dress was tight at the hips and accentuated the female slimness.
Having made up my face, I took off my robe and exposed my body and began to choose my underwear, stopped at a set of black, wore a bra that makes my chest more lushly squeezing it together, a black belt for stockings, and I wore black, transparent thongs on top of it as I like.

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Bending and putting the leg on the chair, I put on and hooked the stockings, then the second leg.
It remains only to wear a dress.
I stood in beautiful underwear, in stockings with a belt in front of my son.
– Son, well, like me.
– Mom, you’re just a bomb.
– Well, maybe then you will demine me with your pliers.
– Mom dress dress.
– Well, at least slap me on the ass, I made a gloomy face.
– Mom are waiting for us.
I put on a dress and leaving Kiryusha’s room slapped me on the ass, pressed my palm and squeezed my buttock.
– Here, another thing son.
On the threshold I put on short winter boots and a coat.
There was already a taxi at the house and we went to visit his girlfriend.
His girlfriend Kate lived in a nine-story building, we went up to the seventh floor, called, opened a pretty fragile, blonde.
– Hello, we are waiting for you.
– Hello, I replied.

A man and a woman appeared on the threshold, Katya’s parents.
– Hello, I am Sergey.
– Very nice Alla.
– I’m Hope.
– Alla.
We undressed and we were escorted to the table where we talked nicely, drank wine and enjoyed ourselves.
A couple of hours passed and Katya’s dad flirted with me sitting next to me in full, Hope pretended that she did not notice it.
And Sergey poured a compliment for a compliment and joked.
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