sex videos from hidden camera Hahahahaha! Well, nothing, nothing, I have already said that I do not want to eat anything.
Yes, I’m not Italian to get upset about this! Hahahahahaha! Mother’s laughter, began to provoke Ilya’s timidity.
He suddenly wanted to squeeze this black-haired laughter in his hands to the pain, and finally cling to her vulgar lips in an impudent kiss! – And what are we going to drink in ten minutes? – with surprise, he turned to her as a real gentleman.
– Submit to the table the new “Saku”? – No, son! Hahahaha! – Izolda Aslanovna exploded with new chest laughter.

– New Year in his S.
I usually meet not with “Saka”, but with a glass of “Tsinandali”! Hahahaha! – How do you say, oh, beautiful Madame! – with a smile, still hiding the flaming courage behind the joking, Ilya spoke up and, under the new roar of maternal laughter, headed for the bar.
Soon, the elite light Georgian wine was skillfully uncorked and, in small doses, was carefully poured into two large crystal wine glasses with beautifully engraved swans in them.
“Madame here,” Illya said in the same joking tone, giving his mother one of the glasses, and sitting down next to her with the other.
– But I must warn you, even though his smell is really elegant, it is in color with my Saka! – Hahahahaha! – Isolde Aslanovna shook again, having stirred up the magnificent waves of the chest. teen slave webcam
– Well, you son say so!

This wine is a real Georgian elite wine, and no saka is there! And stop calling me “Madame”, although I sing quite a few French ballads, but, as before, I am Georgian! Call me your Suliko, my glorious jigit! His Suliko! – Oh, my Sulikooo! – submitting to maternal playfulness, Illya exclaimed intonation.
– Say the same, say the same toast! The new year is already hovering like an eagle over our mountains! Say it to us, and we will meet him as a dear guest, holding our glasses together in broderfafta! The dark hands of the wall clocks have already really practically merged into a single whole at the top of the dial.
Immediately in one of the sockets of the windows a green star of a salute fired by someone flashed.
And, as if in response to him, somewhere, a cheerful echo of the table drone flashed.
Indeed, the New Year, like a swift eagle, has already circled above S.
and the rest of the Caucasus, overshadowing its lands with famous toasts and plentiful wine eaters! – Son! – flashing gray-green stars in her eyes, Isolde Aslanovna turned to her only son, holding a glass of her beloved “Tsinandali” in her hand.
– I had everything in life, but the main thing is that it is you – my precious Ilya!

And therefore, in this New Year, I wish you to purchase something that will be only your jewel! I wish you Ilya, meet your beloved girl! You are a good guy and worthy of good love! Happy New Year, my precious! – Thanks Mom! – in turn, looking at her in love with the waters of dark eyes, Illya said excitedly.
– Happy New Year! And, under the distant, joyful hum of people and the green lights of salutes hovering outside the windows, they twisted their hands in friendly brodhaft and, glancing at each other, slowly drank from their glasses a weightless liquid of elite wine!
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