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At that time I was engaged in a theater group and we dressed him for some role.
We dressed something resembling leggings (where everything is very tightly covered).
He put them on and his dick was hanging down and fitted along the leg.

I advised him to remove him so that his manhood would not stand out.
He did not understand how to do it, just moved it along the leg.
It’s good that there was no one in the dressing room. gay boys webcam I walked over to him and, without asking, pulled his pants off.
What I saw surprised me greatly.
Even in the supine state, his penis was two and a half times the size of my standing body.
Without giving out my kind of surprise, I took his penis and put him up to the navel.

Then he climbed to the balls (they, by the way, were smaller than mine) and also raised them higher.
Then all this wealth pressed pants. sex webcam bignipples
Everything turned out as it should: Like a good baller’s, instead of a sluggish banana along his leg, he had a powerful slide.
He was satisfied with the done manipulation and understood how now it is necessary to stack his member.
And then there was nothing with him: Generally and never.
This is just a story about how a stranger member has been in my hands.
And if someone is interested in how the first guy appeared in my sex, then this story is still ahead.
Looking ahead, I would like to note the fact that removing a girl and fucking in every conceivable and unimaginable position is much easier than just removing and fucking a guy.

When shooting a guy there is a risk not only to get in the face in case of failure, but also to lighten up as a fag to the whole district even if you didn’t prove yourself in this role (Best protection :.
So here you have to be a great psychologist, counting and guessing what to expect from this boy with plump lips and delicious ass :.
Although these worries are worth what you get in return.
As it is not funny, but the first “outsider” guy with whom I slept in full was my friend Sergey.
We lived with him in the same house in the neighboring entrances.
We studied at the same school, and from the second grade began to be friends.
We had different families, I have a worker-intelligent, and he lived with his mother who periodically changed her roommates and brother.

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