sexy blonde teen webcam I could not watch for a long time, as I had already fallen asleep.
I went to the shower and went to bed.
Before going to bed, she went into the room of the daughter to wish her a good night and success in the exam.
My daughter sat and wondered.

She had to cram a long time.
With my son-in-law, we wished each other a peaceful night and turning away, I began to fall asleep.
Only the TV was on in the room.
The door was closed.
I do not know how much I slept, but I had an erotic dream.
Without waking up, I felt my hand, took it and laid it on my chest.
My hand began to crush my chest, through a nightgown.
I started moaning completely without sound.
Then I felt both hands on my breasts.
My chest was crushed and I liked it.
I caught one hand and sent it under a nightgown to the nipple.
My nipples were already hard.
One hand crushed my chest and the other nipple.
I turned on my side, grabbed my partner and we began to kiss.
I loved kissing and I often kissed my husband.
Sex he gave me rarely, but often kissed.
We lay and kissed.

We hugged each other.
I caught my hand and guided it between my legs. sexy blonde teen webcam
There we pushed the edge of the panties and I removed my pen.
Next partner knew what to do.
We all kept kissing.
I felt like a finger enters me.
As he first parted my sexual lips, and then entered the wet cave.
Then I felt another finger there.
In the end, my cave was filled with three fingers, and they entered and left.
We kissed and I breathed hard.
I was very good.
Then I began to pull the clitoris, and I flew away in a crazy orgasm.
A shiver passed through my body.
I was covered in goosebumps.
I pulled away from the kiss, and lay on my back, breathing deeply.
So I fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up in a wonderful mood, from a night situation.
I went to the shower.
I went to the kitchen, and my husband slept there.
And only now I began to think about what happened at night then.
And everything came to me.
That was my brother-in-law.
I myself stuck to him.
I kissed him and he caressed me.
I got a powerful orgasm from his caresses.
And how do I behave now?

How do i live How are we going to look at each other? How will I look at my daughter? When everyone woke up, we met together in the kitchen.
The son-in-law tried not to look at me and avoided my gaze.
I immediately realized that he was shy of the situation that was at night.
I took my husband to work, my daughter to school, and she stayed at home.
In-law was in his room.
I sat and thought what and how.
But then she got up and went to his room.
As soon as I entered his room and sat down on the sofa, my son-in-law immediately began to say: – Valentina Mikhailovna, please forgive me.
I did not know what to do.
And you slept so fast and so wanted.
It’s my fault.
Very guilty.
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