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– Well, now, if nobody was shocked by this statement, I can add.
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You can then tell me that you fucked the boss.

Oleg, judging by the shaved snap, too: no stranger.
Donat keeps silent because I just deprived him of virginity.
Victor, do you mind banging me? To choose from? I love you or you? I grinned – it seems that our spontaneous group sex has a leader.
And whispered a few words to Nike.
We kissed again – only a member of Victor was between our lips.
The opening champagne hissed sideways.
“That’s nice,” Lena said from somewhere on the side.
– Do not forget to fuck me.
And then I somehow overlooked.
– Mom, the earrings have stripes on the cap are different! – Mom, and Lyoshka pants of a different color.
– Dad, why, and do Seryozhki have a more beautiful shirt than me? And so all the years! Seryozhka and Alyoshka – two twin brothers! One was jealous of the other.
Everyone thought that his brother was better than him.

The similarity was striking.
Even the moles near the ear were both present! Both had eyes like two embers! The tan face gave Asian charm.
Although the parents were purely Russian people.
Only one thing distinguished them.
Seryozhki had a docile, kind, affectionate, prudent character.
Alyoshka was the complete opposite to him.
Mischievous, he was the instigator of the guys.
Could, for fun, lie.
His laughter spread throughout the courtyard, forcing residents of the house to look out the window, and passers-by smile after.
At school, teachers always confused them.
It happened that fell to someone who was not guilty.
It was this: they decided to dissolve them in different classes, but Seryozhka and Alyoshka did not tolerate such separation, and on the first day they went on strike. webcam show with sexymaywaters 2
They simply did not go to class, they sat in the school lobby until they were allowed to be in the same class again and sit at the same school desk.
The brothers loved each other very much, each person trembling towards his brother.

And if they sometimes quarreled, their mother immediately put them side by side, opposite each other and said: – Boys, well, as a sign of reconciliation, kiss each other.
– And the brothers gladly smacked his cheeks.
They had their own room, their own large bed – one for two, a wardrobe, a bedside table and a small TV on it! When they were going to walk or go to school, they put on their clothes, regardless of who wore them yesterday.
Alyoshka could put on Seryozhka’s panties, and A Seryozhka put on Alyoshka’s t-shirt.
They always swam together.
Each washed the head and head brother! Until the age of ten, the brothers did not even pay attention to the small sausages that were dangling between their legs! Once they bathed in the bath in the evening, and Seryozhka rubbed Alyoshka’s back with a washcloth.
Then he offered his brother to rub his chest.
Alyoshka turned his face to Seryozhka, and he began to rub his tummy and chest.
But sometimes the hand slipped from the tummy and fell on Aleshkina pise.

And Seryozhka suddenly saw the swollen segment of his brother, opened his mouth in surprise, asked: – Seryozhka, what is this with your pisyun? Alyoshka looked down where his sausage was, felt it, and said: “I don’t know ?! Both were quiet, Seryozhka looked at his brother’s pisyun, and Alyoshka was confused, he also looked at his sausage! But Pisya took his former form, which immediately calmed both of them.
That same evening, they, lying in a crib, covered with a warm blanket, told each other the stories of their yard! But Alyoshka is not, and pussy will touch her pen with her pen: has she swelled up again? And suddenly, at the touch of a hand, his writing began to grow and fill with a pleasant tickling! – Oh !!! – Alyoshka shouted! With a fright, he jumped from bed to floor! Sharply took off her panties, exposing his sausage.
– Seryozhka again !!! – Only I could say Alyoshka! – Maybe Nurse call? – asked Alyoshka.
– No, it is not necessary, – said Alyoshka, still trying his pisyun with his hand.
– And show me yours, Seryozhka, maybe yours is the same as my own? – Seryozha, without hesitation, quickly took off his pants and approached his brother.

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