tanya6 webcam show Having set him in a chair, she covered his mouth, almost swallowing it.
He groaned, but did not even try to remove her head.
Instead, he took her head and began to fuck her in the mouth.
She felt that she was about to finish.

After taking a second breather, she began to lick and suck him.
He gritted his teeth and moaned harder.
– Do not stop, my daughter.
God, as well.
Yes, bite, lick, take it deeper.
Forces of heaven, I finish.
He shivered and she felt like a jet of his sperm hit her in the throat.
Sucking it to the last drop, she looked at him.
– Behind the door to the bathroom, rinse your mouth if necessary.
I am going to enjoy you completely, – he began to take off his robe.
She went into the bathroom and came back a minute later, ready to completely otmolit their sins.
He stood near the table.
Tall and completely naked.
His dick was soft.
In his hands he held some sort of thing.
– Lie on the table and spread your legs wide.
She obeyed.
Lying on the table, she felt that he gently inserts something into her ass.

This “something” was neither big nor small.
She heard him fasten some snaps and climb up to her face.
– You have a small vibrator in the ass.
I hope he will not hurt you, but you will get tremendous pleasure.
– Is it someone from above that prompted you? – Humanity has secrets that have been known for thousands of years.
He turned on the vibrator.
She felt warm waves and small vibrations.
He played a little bit with her tongue and went down to her pussy.
Tongue lightly began to caress her bead.
Further his language became more insistent and insistent.
She felt his finger inside.
She realized that she could not withstand this for a long time – the vibrator in the pope strengthened the sensations several times.
The priest began to suck her clit, his two fingers caressed her inside, and his thumb helped her tongue.
She moaned loudly. tanya6 webcam show
org) He stopped literally for a second, switched the vibrator and began to satisfy her with a vengeance.
She was wet, like a bitch during heat.

He fucked her with her finger and tongue until she screamed at the orgasms that shook her body.
Taking out a vibrator and taking it in his arms, he carried it into the bath.
Before rinsing the vibrator, he inserted it again, but now in her “girl”.
Her legs gave way and he sat down on a chair in the bathroom, sitting on her knees.
Having taken body oil, he plentifully greased the standing, from excitement a member.
Then, dipping a finger in the oil, also carefully smeared her hole in the ass.
He was excited even more, imagining how easily he would slip inside.
– Turn your back to me and put your hands in the bath.
Relax, it will be unforgettable.
He moaned loudly when she began to slowly stick her round ass on his extremely excited member.
He got up, turned on the vibrator in her pussy and slowly and deeply entered her ass.
He finished almost immediately, but did not stop fucking her and again got excited from her moans and swaying her ass in time with his penis and vibrator.

She moaned and screamed something inarticulate.
He almost raped her, driving him to the very balls.
Having finished once more, he quickly took out a vibrator and began to lick and nibble on her nipples.
She began to gently caress his dick, until he again turned on.
Spreading her legs wide apart, he roughly entered her wet and “girl” flowing from numerous orgasms.
Twisting his legs, she began to jump on his hardened penis.
He sat down on the floor while she continued to gallop on him.
He pulled her to him and felt a powerful orgasm.
Opening his eyes he smiled at her.
– It would be necessary, somehow, to repeat.
She kissed him gently and he again felt excited.
Could I ever assume that after graduating from the Academy, instead of the sea coast, I would end up in the wild Kyrgyz steppes? Never.
Even this could not have come to my head, but life decided otherwise.
Like I turned six more.
We arrived at the disposal of the garrison commander, captain of the first rank of Pach Anatoly Vasilyevich.

Here, in a place forgotten by God, there was an underground station tracking the movement of submarines.
The range is sixth of the globe.
Fortunately, I was not married at that time, otherwise I, too, like my comrades, would have to listen to the complaints of angry wives, who dreamed of sending their condemned men to long voyages.
There were quite a few people like us here, abandoned away from civilization.
The garrison was decent and its chief, the one-eyed captain of the first rank was equated here to God.
With his black bandage on his left eye, he looked like Kutuzov, but he was probably better off than the glorious commander.
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