teen webcam hd tube But she did not want to wait for this punishment; she wanted to do everything for him to atone for her fault.
Now, wherever her Master, his slave, went, his thing meekly followed him on her lap.
He was watching TV – she was on all fours to be a stand for his legs; he smoked – she opened her mouth to be an ashtray for him; he went to the kitchen to eat – she silently knelt beside him, he threw a piece of boiled meat to her on the floor, she ate, and then began to kiss his feet as a thank you for the indulgence that he had given her, despite she was guilty.
What else can she do? She had taboos and fears, but now she was ready to close her eyes to everything, step over her own facets, and really be a thing.

She saw the Boss heading for the toilet, wild fear and shame lashing inside her. teen webcam hd tube
but she followed him.
He stood by the toilet, she heard the sound of a zipper unzipping, at that moment she was resolute, she crawled up on his lap, between him and the toilet, she stood up, lifted her head and opened her mouth.
For a moment, she raised her eyes to the Boss and saw a slight smile on his face, for this smile now she was ready to make any sacrifice.
Suddenly she felt his urine rush into her mouth, without delaying for a second, she began to swallow her, she did not allow herself to wrinkle or turn away, meekly swallowing everything to the last drop, for she was glad that he did not reject her and gave serve him.
Her hour came, the slave was on her knees.
What is she prepared for? How much did she anger him? teen webcam hd tube